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    Mr. Christophe LUCAS

    Christophe Lucas followed a training in Asset Management and Management after his university business studies. He chaired a Supervisory Board of an SCPI and was a

    Mrs. Geneviève d’ANGENSTEIN

    Specialist in social and professional savoir-vivre, Geneviève d’Angenstein runs BusinessEtiquette.Paris in France. Although her knowledge is a family heritage, her expertise in intercultural relations

    Mr. Bertrand AUDRIN

    Since June 2014, Bertrand Audrin holds a bachelor’s degree in Letters from the University of Lausanne and a Master’s degree in Business Communication from

    Mr. David DELFINI

    After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Finance at the University of Toronto, David Delfini received an MBA from SDA Bocconi. In 2009,

    Pr. Alain Max GUÉNETTE

    Alain Max Guénette, initially trained in management, then philosophy and human and social sciences, is a professor at the Arc School of management (HES-SO) and

    Prof-Dr. Richard DELAYE

    Richard Delaye is a Doctor of Management Sciences (dir. Prof. Peretti), HDR in Humanities and Social Sciences (Dir. Prof. Lardellier), MBA of Reims Management

    Mr. Félicé TIOULONG

    Mr. Tioulong is a visiting professor of Supply Chain, Risk Management and Security & Safety Management at the IMSG. After obtaining a DUT Logistics and Transport

    Pr. Sung-Do KIM (visiting)

    Koryo University, Séoul, Professor Sung-Do KIM teaches Intercultural Management.

    Pr. Jean-Luc CERDIN (visiting)

    Specialist of expatriation subjects, to the international mobility and to the international management of the human resources and careers, Jean-Luc CERDIN is Professor at

    Mr. Arnaud CLAUDEL

    Real entrepreneur, Arnaud Claudel creates companies for more than 20 years. SSII (SOFTWARE ENGINEERING COMPANY), universe of the health are the domains in which he