Next enrolment : 28th February 2024


IMSG's Bachelor of Business Administration aims to train the Metagile® leaders of tomorrow, who will stand out for their ability to combine strategic agility, an innovative and disruptive vision and the ability to navigate a constantly changing business world.

It is designed to enable students to understand the business world through a logical, decompartmentalised and interdisciplinary progression organised into 12 Quarters.


Each Quarter focuses on a central question or theme. To answer the question of each Quarter, we have chosen not to segment learning according to traditional subjects. Different subjects, which may be the same from one Quarter to the next, are used. The aim of this approach is to make learning cross-disciplinary and to offer students a multi-dimensional perspective on each issue, thus preparing them better for the complexity of the real business world. Finally, it aims to avoid a narrow approach based on a single discipline.


With an intrinsically global dimension and high added-value specialisms, the IMSG offers a teaching approach aligned with the needs of the current and future professional world. For example, it offers 5 electives on promising subjects:

  • Agile HR and impact management
  • Agile marketing and data analysis
  • CyberAgility and risk management
  • Responsible and sustainable finance
  • Business and diplomacy

The school-company duality is structured as follows: 3 days at the IMSG and 2 days in the company for the BBA1 and BBA2, then 70% of the time in the company for the BBA3. This learning mechanism gives a common meaning to theoretical contributions and professional practices.


BACHELOR 1: Observe and analyse

Q1: Discovering the company as a whole: Introduction to fundamental business concepts and a holistic overview of company operations.

Q2: Resources: Understanding tangible and intangible assets, including human, financial and technological resources, and their essential role in the operation of a business.

Q3: Relationships: Study of the internal (employees, management) and external (customers, suppliers) interactions that shape the dynamics of an organisation.

Q4: Constraints: Exploration of the challenges, whether regulatory, economic or social, that companies face and how they overcome them.

BACHELOR 2: Diagnosing and deciding

Q1: Giving meaning: Focusing on the mission, vision and values that guide companies' strategic and operational decisions.

Q2: Tools and resources: Introduction to the frameworks and methodologies that facilitate decision-making and the implementation of strategies.

Q3: Risks and crises: Analysis of unforeseen challenges and how companies can anticipate, manage and overcome them.

Q4: Context and environment: In-depth study of a company's external environment, including the economic, political, social and technological factors that influence operations.

BACHELOR 3: Implementation and control

Q1: Performance: Techniques and tools for measuring, analysing and improving performance at all levels of an organisation.

Q2: Governance: Understanding the structures, processes and mechanisms that guide the direction and control of an organisation.

Q3: Optimisation: Methods for maximising a company's operational, financial and strategic efficiency.

Q4: Value creation: Approaches to generating sustainable value, both for the company and its stakeholders.

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I came to IMSG to specialize in international business. The school offers an impressive network which I think is key and will allow us to integrate the working world in the best available conditions.


I joined the IMSG to increase my business and management field knowledge and thus achieve my goal to become an independent entrepreneur. I am very satisfied with the diversity of the educational program and happy to be able to participate in events organized by the school, which allows us to meet influential personalities from the Geneva area.


I chosed IMSG for its Master in Digital Marketing and the pleasant environment it offers (Campus Biotech). I also wanted to be able to combine work along my studies, which is a definite advantage for recruiters!


Business development manager of a company specialized in facility management, I was looking for a Business School allowing me to acquire knowledge and a consistent practice in my position. IMSG teaches me the management basis and instills values ​​and skills that will help my career run smoothly.