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Pr. Didier CALENG

Prof. Didier CALENG

Economist graduated from IMD (Lausanne) and INSEAD (Paris), and holder of the federal certificate of trainer, Didier Caveng is a consultant and trainer for various training centers and companies. His skills have been acquired for more than 30 years, as a member of the executive committee in banking institutions and project manager in Switzerland and



Alexandra holds a M.Sc. in Management from ESSEC in France, and an MBA from Stanford University in the USA. She started her career as a strategy consultant for Bain & Company in Germany, before working for PepsiCo’s CEO as an internal strategy consultant at the US headquarter. She then moved to strategic and operational marketing

M. Laurent DELALEX

Mr Laurent DELALEX

Laurent Delalex is a consultant in Management, Marketing and Sales, graduated from Neoma Business School and IMD Lausanne. Expert in development and implementation of growth strategies in developed and emerging markets, he spent more than 30 years in the operational management of countries and divisions or global strategic directions, within 3 major agro-foods groups :



A General Manager and Natural Leader with international background in growing for & not-for-profit organisations, including Secondary & Higher Education, Testing, Vocational Training, Language Courses & Certifications, Philippe Grosskost has chaired and lead several organisations in the assessment & educational field: CEO of ETS (Educational Testing Service) EMEA; CEO of PerformanSe (a European leader in



After years spent organizing, reorganizing and optimizing the services of companies in all sectors of activity, Olivier Terrettaz realized the importance and above all the need for specialist advice for decision-makers, executives and board members. , entrepreneurs and investors to provide a solution. He founded BoLT | Terrettaz & Partners SA – consulting firm in

M. Jacques-François PERRENOUD

Mr Jacques-François PERRENOUD

After achieving a BA (Hons) in International Business Studies & Management at European Business School (Regents College) London, and some courses in International Relations and Affairs at New York University (NYU), Jacques-François Perrenoud started his professional career at Dupont de Nemours financial center in North Spain. He went on studying at CASS University London, where

M. Hervé MUNZ

Mr Hervé MUNZ

After achieving a PhD on know-how transmission in the Swiss watch industry, Hervé Munz studied the global circulation of Swiss mechanical watches and the teaching/learning of their servicing techniques in Hong Kong. He is currently based in Hong Kong where He conducts ethnographic surveys among actors, brands and organizations concerned with the after-sales service of



After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Finance at the University of Toronto, David Delfini received an MBA from SDA Bocconi. In 2009, he became Director of Revenue Management, Network and Distribution at AirOne (Alitalia Group). In 2016, he joined Amadeus as head of product distribution. He teaches corporate strategy at International Management School

Prof.Dr. Richard DELAYE

Prof.Dr. Richard DELAYE

Richard Delaye is a Doctor of Management Sciences (dir. Prof. Peretti), HDR in Humanities and Social Sciences (Dir. Prof. Lardellier), MBA of Reims Management School (NEOMA Business School) AGRH). He has always sought to set up innovative management training schemes aimed at developing talents in Africa, China, Switzerland and France, while continuing his work of writing

Prof. Sung-Do KIM (visiting)

Prof. Sung-Do KIM (visiting)

Koryo University, Séoul, Professor Sung-Do KIM teaches Intercultural Management.



Real entrepreneur, Arnaud Claudel creates companies for more than 20 years. SSII (SOFTWARE ENGINEERING COMPANY), universe of the health are the domains in which he essentially intervenes. Initially engineer, he then followed the program “Entrepreneur” of HEC PARIS. Reserve officer of the French Air Force, he is an amateur warned of rugby and gastronomy.

Prof.Dr. Jean-Marie PERETTI (visitant)

Jean-Marie Peretti is a French organizational theorist, Professor at the ESSEC business school and in University of Corsica, management consultant and author, known for his work on human resources management. Graduated from ESSEC in 1967, he received his PhD in Management at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris in 1969. After his graduation Peretti has been working as management

Dr. Shiwei WU

Dr. Shiwei WU

Shiwei Wu is an expert in China-Europe exchanges and business, which he is teaching in French or Cantonese. He is working on bridging the educational gaps between Europe & China and helps educational partners to create profitable exchanges. He is also a lobbyist who understands the multicultural aspects of the Chinese and numerous European cultures. LinkedIn

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Mediator and negotiation expert, Alain Lempereur is an Affiliated Faculty and Executive Committee Member of the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School. He is the chair of the scientific committee of the Humanitarian Negotiation Exchange (HNx), a project of the International Committee of the Red Cross and of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Future

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Prof. Annie CORNET

Prof. Annie CORNET

Professor at HEC-ULg, Liège University (Belgium) where she teaches in Human Ressources, Annie Cornet created and still leads a research lab on Genders & Diversity in Management.



Professor of Management, Yvon PESQUEUX works in France (CNAM) and in numerous countries in Africa. Main courses taught: Business and Society, Organization Behavior.

M. Philippe PACHE

Mr Philippe PACHE

Trained as a psychologist, Philippe Pache teaches Personal Development and is a Coach in Career Development and in Recruitment. He works for private companies in Switzerland and Academic Organisations worldwide (HEC Paris, Université de Genève, Cheung Kong University Beijing).

Marketing, Digital communication and innovation

Mrs. Maëlys BEULQUE

A communications research engineer, trained, Maëlys Beulque quickly turned to digital issues and digital transformation, hot topics and promising for the future. Thanks to her multiple professional experiences, she was able to touch the operational, through EOS Agency, which she co-founded and of which she was the general manager for 6 years, but also within



Nadia Gianoli is a communication strategy teacher for Bachelor’s students at the International Management School Geneva. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Human Relations at Quebec University in Montreal and a Master in Development Studies at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Nadia Gianoli held various communication positions

Mme Marie-Gabrielle CAJOLY

Mrs Marie-Gabrielle CAJOLY

Graduated from IMD (E-MBA Business Administration, 2009), CELSA (DESS Public Relations, 1997), University Paris VII (DESS Socio-Economics, 1996) and Sciences Po Grenoble (Political Sciences, Master 1995), Marie-Gabrielle Cajoly is the founder and director of CorporatEngagement, a communication and social investment consulting company. She supports the administrative committees and the management of organizations in the public,

Mme Carole HADDAD

Mrs Carole HADDAD

Carole Haddad is a creative and innovative business growth strategist with over 10 years of experience, driving strategic plans, communications, and client relationships. She is known for team leadership and mentorship, networking and connection-building abilities, and key alliance/partnership development.

Mme Carine BLONDIN

Mrs Carine BLONDIN

Carine Blondin teaches Operational Marketing for Bachelor’s students at the International Management School Geneva. Holding a Master in Business and Marketing, she is a seasoned professional with over 17 years’ international experience in FMCG, Consumer Healthcare and Beauty Care at Procter & Gamble and GlaxoSmithKline. She has recently joined Scientis SA company as their Global

M. Nicolas CUBAUD

Mr Nicolas CUBAUD

With a MSc in Computer Science and DEA from Toulouse University, Nicolas Cubaud occupied numerous R&D and pre-sales positions for leading high-tech companies both in France and in the USA. He is the Founder and CEO of EyeSnap, which provides image recognition solutions to the industry and legal markets. He is also a consultant and

M. Julien MULLER

Mr Julien MULLER

Passionate about strategy and the Web, Julien Muller quickly turned to SEO and E-Reputation. He gives training in his areas of intervention such as SEO / SEA, Web Culture and integration. From January 2016 to July 2018, he was Associate Professor at the Institute of Internet and Multimedia (IIM); profession in which he blossoms to



Fabien Lacroix has held the sales management of many multinationals (Paget Group, De Rigo S.p.A, Raymond Weil, Bertolucci SA, Red SA, etc.). He is now CEO of IMCEO, HR Director of Alternet Solutions and CEO of ABCYS Consulting Group Recruitment.



Fabien Arévalo graduated with a degree in political science from the University of Geneva, after having studied advertising and operational marketing (senior technician). He currently has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of communication, marketing and sales, with a specialization on CRM and direct customer contact (opposite face-to-face and remote, especially for customer



Benoît Lachamp has been in the world of Education for almost 15 years, passing on his know-how through innovative educational paths or advising companies. A graduate of ISEG, ISG and ICADE in Madrid, he followed a DESS on the use of ICT in training. He started his career as a journalist specializing in NICTs in

M. Andrew YOUNG

Mr Andrew YOUNG

After Political economics and sport management studies in Geneva and Fribourg, Andrew Young worked for over 25 years for numerous public administrations in various functions as a top manager, in such different areas as environment, culture, sport, youth or police. As a consultant during the 12 following years, he also specialized in NPO management, as

M. Thierry DIME

Mr Thierry DIME

Graduate of the Swiss Italian University in Lugano, Thierry Dime created his first company after his studies. With his passion in communication he quickly realizes the role that media can play in society. He naturally becomes a boss of the press by launching several titles, of which the well-known « Monde Économique », a Swiss magazine of



Robert Faessler has worked and leaded in the fields of luxury and watchmaking, in different companies at international level with collaborators from all walks of life, from all countries with their different mentalities, putting the capabilities of these people ahead of time to work together with a single goal, success. He also created companies, with

M. Michel YAZIGI

Mr Michel YAZIGI

Michel Yazigi, event specialist, owner of Switch Vibration and Sushitime, but also co-founder of Village du Soir, is a teacher for the Event Management courses within the IMSG.

Mr Franck VIDAL

Franck Vidal is an entrepreneur (Manager, Technical, Sales and Environment). Coming from a Swiss-French family of entrepreneurs (Asuel JU) specialized in hydraulic drilling, he discovered the world during his childhood in Africa. Ivory Cost, Senegal, enabled him to forge a personality attentive to cultural differences. He pursued in France his graduate studies in R & D on

Dr. André-Yves PORTNOFF

Dr. André-Yves PORTNOFF

Doctor in nuclear metallurgy, André-Yves Portnoff created and directed (1977-1992) the only francophone monthly Prospective Technological Studies, Science & Technology. He is the co-author of the first French report (The Revolution of Intelligence) on the Company and the intangible economy. He developed Futuribles and large enterprises, a method for evaluating organizations by intangible factors, which

Dr. Thierry WEBER

Dr. Thierry WEBER

With a doctor’s initial training, Thierry Weber occupied numerous marketing positions for big pharmaceutical companies. He is the Founder and CEO of BREEW and built up to himself right-hand man’s reputation, reliable, generous and always with an orientation solution. He is also the co-founder, initiator and committee member of the organization of the price “Le

Dr. Thierry FABIANI

Dr. Thierry FABIANI

Thierry Fabiani has a doctorate in sciences of management and more particularly in marketing with an original subject “The determiners of the eating habits of seniors: the case of the sweetened products”. Graduate “École Supérieure de Commerce de Marseille” and ex-auditor of the institute of the high studies of national defence (IHEDN), he followed a 3rd cycle



Teacher of public speaking, Gérard Lemarié is also a philosopher, a speaker and a coach in personal development.



Professor of Advertising & Marketing, Dr Intartaglia works on Neurosciences & Persuasion Techniques in Sales and Advertising. He does research in Information & Management Institute of HEG Arc (Switzerland). He has published numerous books and articles on Advertisement & Persuasion Techniques. He also works as a consultant for private companies. LinkedIn

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Mme Nathalie ROBERT

Mrs Nathalie ROBERT

Digital Marketing & CRM teacher, Nathalie Robert has worked in the private sector in Hong Kong, Paris & Singapore. She holds a Master’s in Marketing and teaches at several educational institutions in Lausanne, Geneva & Paris.

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Mrs. Pascale Bosson

Mrs Pascale BOSSON

Public relations teacher, Pascale BOSSON is the founder of a swiss public relation agency. She organizes many event and help famous people in their communication strategy.

Prof.Dr. Pascal LARDELLIER


Professor Lardellier specializes in Behavioral Marketing. He has published several books and articles. His work questions the new forms of social links and the status of relationships on social networks.  

Law and Finance



M° Paul Cosmovici, lawyer in the field of trademarks, patents and designs, has significant expertise in the strategy related to intellectual property. His experience includes the structuring of commercial transactions as well as the protection of intellectual property assets.

M. Stéphane DEFFIS

Mr Stéphane DEFFIS

Stéphane has 20 years of experience in Finance acquired in 3 large groups: Thales, Cotecna, Trafigura where he held various positions (Financial Director, ERP / CPM Project Manager, implementation of shared service center) At the beginning of 2019 he decided to launch his own independent consulting activity for SMEs, NGOs and French-speaking multinationals to help

Dr. Wafa GZARA

Dr. Wafa GZARA

Dr. Wafa GZARA is an assistant professor in Finance. She earned her Ph.D in Finance from the University of Paris X (ex Paris-Nanterre). She also holds from the University of Cergy Pontoise in France two master degrees, MA (ex DEA) in Finance and Insurance and MA (ex DESS) in Economic Engineering. Prior to joining IMSG,

M. Jean-Marc PORTIER

Mr Jean-Marc PORTIER

With a benefit of a career made in banks located on the territory of Geneva, Jean-Marc Porter had the opportunity to work primarily in the stock area in connection with the management of private wealth. He was also part of investment committees as a stock picker and monitoring customer positions on fundamental and technical basis. He

M. Bertrand DE GASQUET

Mr Bertrand DE GASQUET

Bertrand De Gasquet, professor of micro / macroeconomics and international finance, is asset manager in a Parisian private bank. He intervenes all over the world for many banks as well as in numerous programs of “Executive” training.

Dr. Bernard BARBERI

Dr. Bernard BARBERI

Bernard Barberi, Chartered accountant and external auditor registered at the Order of “Paris-Île de France”, he intervenes in his domains of specialization covering the accounting, the management control, the financial management and the tax system. He works with professional clients of diverse sizes, in different branches of industry, which is source of enrichment for the students.


Prof.Dr. Olivier BADOT (visiting)

Prof.Dr. Olivier BADOT (visiting)

The Prof.Dr. Olivier Badot has a Doctorate in Industrial Economics. He is a specialist in consumption, trade and distribution.. Member of the Committee of Experts of the City Factory (Vivendi) and the National Center of Shopping Centers, he is Scientific Director of the E. Leclerc Chair and current Dean of Research at ESCP Europe. He



Qualified Engineer, specialising in the study of marketing and management, I have more than 25 years of experience in company management. I have held management positions in Swiss companies and major Swedish and American groups. Business Booster in all its form is my passion. Taking care of companies, its employees and its customers is my



Jérôme Favoulet accompanies entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the definition of evolution scenarios, the detection of opportunities, the value analysis, the design or the evolution of business model, the development of income and the research of funds. Curious and loving to transmit, he intervenes in particular on topics related to innovation and business creation. His activities

M. Vincent TISSIER

Mr Vincent TISSIER

Vincent Tissier teaches the Quality Management to students of the International Management School Geneva. With more than 20 years experience in strategic and operational management, marketing, finance and business development (Operations manager at Relais & Château de Puy Robert, Deputy General Manager at Hôtel Montalembert, General Manager at Hotel Bel Ami, then at the Geneva



Hervé Azoulay, speaker in “Grandes Écoles” of France (HEC, CNAM, EM-Lyon, ESCP Europe), president of the Group Athes, he intervenes firstly in the field of the new business start-up and the conception of business plan. He is also the author of noticed works.

M. Laurent BIOUSSE

Mr Laurent BIOUSSE

Laurent started his career in 1993 at Coutts bank in the UK and moved to Geneva in 1997 to join the bank’s portfolio management team. He left in 1999 to set up Geneva Asset and Wealth Management SA, an independent asset management company based in Geneva, which he later sold to his partner. In 2011

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M. Patrick THILL

Mr Patrick THILL

Junior Lecturer in Ireland (University College of Galway), Patrick THILL led a group of Business Schools (Weller) for 9 years, and then became HR Director of Lybertysurf-Tiscali & Dell Southern Europe. He then led a French private group of schools in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Dublin, Shanghai & Casablanca. Today, he helps & tutors start-ups within the Educational sector.

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Economical Intelligence and Geopolitics


Dr. Marie Peretti-Ndiaye

Marie Peretti-Ndiaye holds a doctorate in sociology and is a research associate at the CADISS EHESS Center for Sociological Analysis and Intervention. His work focuses on the manifestations and causes of racism, the links between nationalism and racism, the links between ethnic and racial discrimination and gender, the political sociology of Corsica and disparities and

Dr. Olivier NARAY

Dr. Olivier NARAY

Olivier Naray helps companies and individuals to communicate and defend their interests vis-à-vis their external stakeholders (authorities, media, etc.) and their target audiences. He has specialised in corporate public affairs, and in strategic external relations. Olivier Naray founded the group Blockchain & Politics. Swiss and multilingual (French, German, Swiss German, English), previously managed projects promoting

Col. Eric NICOD

Col. Eric NICOD

Colonel Eric NICOD spent a career as an officer in the French Air Force before performing various teaching duties, notably within Institutes of Political Studies from 2011 onwards. As an officer, he held various positions of responsibility in various fields and in diplomatic and operational contexts, which gave him the opportunity to make numerous visits

M. Serge VIDAL

Mr Serge VIDAL

Serge VIDAL is a specialist in substantial, international projects, where a complex solution must be built from scratch, taking into account various drivers: costs, performances, risks, operational constraints, local specificity… Such multifaceted projects require a good understanding of many issues : commercial and technical, but also financial, legal, regulatory, logistical, cultural, and even diplomatic affairs. With

Col. Frédéric GALLOIS

Col. Frédéric GALLOIS

Frédéric Gallois has got a MBA HEC/GENDARMERIE in “Safety management”, and a Master in “Business Intelligence”. He followed the program of the ESM of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan then the School of Officers of the Gendarmerie Nationale. Furthermore, he possesses the diploma of “Expert in management of the criminal and terrorist crises” of the GIGN. Finally, he is a

M. Christian AGHROUM

Mr Christian AGHROUM

After a career in the French National Police, then having been director of the security for an international company based in Switzerland, Christian Aghroum created his own company of advice in cybersecurity and crisis management.

Mr Rolin WAVRE

Rolin Wavre, professor of compared political systems, has worked for 18 years at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and possesses a large experience in international humanitarian operations. He’s also committee member of the Swiss PLR.

Dr. Patrick NAEF

Dr. Patrick NAEF

Patrick Naef holds a PhD in cultural geography from the University of Geneva. He was previously a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. His main areas of research are around memory and violence. His research in Eastern Europe, South America and South-East Asia has led him to examine notions such as

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M. Gilles-Emmanuel JACQUET

Mr Gilles-Emmanuel JACQUET

Gilles-Emmanuel Jacquet holds Master degrees in Political Science from the University of Geneva and in European Studies from the European Institute of the University of Geneva. Mr. Jacquet specializes in History, International Relations and Geopolitics. His research includes: armed conflicts, terrorism, religious and political radicalism, ethnolinguistic and cultural issues as well as the treatment of religious and ethnic minorities.

M. Patrice SAM

Mr Patrice SAM

Patrice Sam manages the anticorruption function of a United Nations agency in Geneva and in the past has assumed similar responsibilities in international organizations such as Unesco, the Global Fund and the Asian Development Bank.

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