Admission Procedure


Step 1 : Check your prerequisites

Candidates must hold a Maturité gymnasiale and/or a title deemed equivalent for admission to the first year of a Bachelor's degree (for any questions related to equivalences, contact us). A parallel admission is possible in the second or third year of the Bachelor, subject to holding the number of ECTS credits provided for in the Bologna agreements.

Integration into the Master's program is subject to the possession of 180 ECTS credits and/or a title deemed equivalent.


Step 2: Apply

Your application must be sent by email to and must include:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Report cards
  • Diplomas
  • Photocopy of passport / identity card
  • Application form (download here)

Step 3 : Go to an academic interview

Candidates with the prerequisites whose application file is selected will be invited to an educational interview. The latter can be organized either in person or remotely depending on the constraints. During this essential meeting in the definition of your educational project, your interlocutors will endeavor to verify that you and the IMSG have a common educational interest.


Step 4 : Wait for your eligibility letter

Within 48 hours after your educational interview, the decision of the IMSG admissions committee will be notified to you by email. If the opinion is positive, a letter of eligibility and the registration contract will be attached to the response.


Step 5 : Sign up

To validate your registration, you will be asked to return your registration contract duly completed and to pay the costs related to your registration. At the end, you will receive your payment and registration certificates.


Step 6 : Manage your visa (for students from a non-EU country)

After validation of your registration, you must submit your visa application file to the Swiss embassy in your country. It is she who will be responsible for transmitting it to the competent cantonal and/or federal authorities. The latter will inform you of their final decision by post. The application process can be long (usually 3-4 months). It is therefore necessary to take these temporalities into account in the context of your application.