Admission Procedure


Step 1: Check your prerequisites

Contact our Admissions Department to validate your eligibility for the desired program. An educational appointment (or videoconference interview if you do not have the possibility to come to Geneva) will be offered. It will also allow us to answer your various points of questioning.

If in doubt about the recognition of your diploma, we call on the Swiss ENIC (European Network of Information Centres) that can define equivalence with a Swiss secondary qualification.


Step 2: Apply

Would you like to apply for our institution? Please send us  the following to :

  • A CV
  • A cover letter
  • Your latest report cards (grades)
  • Copies of your diplomas
  • A photocopy of your passport or identity card
  • The duly completed application file (to download here)

Your file will be reviewed by the selection committee, and we will let you know it’s decision via email.


Step 3: Come to IMSG for your admission test

You are selected to pass our admission test which will allow us to determine your full eligibility to our program. This will be done in 4 parts :

  • Personality and reasoning test
  • Writing of a summary note on a random subject (Economy, Geopolitics, General Culture, Philosophy...)
  • Oral restitution and exchanges
  • Interview with the IMSG pedagogical direction

NB: You will be asked to pay the application fee (CHF 350.-) before taking your admission test.


Step 4: Wait for your acceptance letter

Within one week after your test, our admissions committee will notify you by email about their decision. If all goes well, a letter of acceptance and your registration contract will be attached to the response.


Step 5: Fully complete your registration

To validate your enrollment at IMSG, you will be asked to return your registration form duly completed and pay all your tuition fees. Upon reception of all those documents and payment, you will receive your certificate of school attendance and proof of payment.


Step 6: Apply for your visa (for students from a non-Schengen country)

After validation of your registration, you must submit your visa application file to the Swiss embassy in your country. It will be responsible for transmitting it to the competent cantonal and/or federal authorities. They will inform you of their final decision by post. The application process can be lengthy (typically 3 to 4 months). It is therefore necessary to take these temporalities into account as part of your application.