Next enrolment : 6th March 2024


The 21st century demands original approaches championed by a new breed of business leader (innovative, resourceful, pragmatic, and intrepid). These leaders must possess the knowledge and insight to creatively and effectively address the challenges of tomorrow, including those not evident today.

The International Management School Geneva MBA was created to meet these demands. Engaging, forward-thinking, and responsive, we are aiming at educating a new generation of business leaders who are also global citizens.

Designed for excellent Bachelor graduates and experienced managers with ambitious career goals, the programme takes an innovative approach to management in a challenging business environment. Il will enhance existing creative thinking and problem solving skills, developing managers to the next levels of strategy and business administration. This programme provides a global approach of management and business administration. It will open the door of entrepreneurship and global innovation, and meets the demands of students who want to develop the necessary skills in leadership and entrepreneurship.

Having taken a Master of Business Administration (MBA), you can expect to find managerial and leading positions in international organisations.


With an intrinsically global dimension and high added-value specialisms, the IMSG offers a teaching approach aligned with the needs of the current and future professional world. For example, it offers 5 electives on promising subjects:

  • Agile HR and impact management
  • Agile marketing and data analysis
  • CyberAgility and risk management,
  • Responsible and sustainable finance
  • Business and diplomacy


Our MBA is delivered over 18 months (3 semesters) and the rhythm is organized in such a way that our students can work Part-Time, which paves the way for their employment. Our Career & Development Department offers Career & Outplacement services for our students.


At the end of the MBA, the student will have to defend a Thesis which will carry on one of the subjects studied during the programme.



Create Value by Managing Yourself

  • Team Building
  • Develop Your Leadership
  • Develop your Strategic Vision
  • Strengthen your Overall Negociation Capacity
  • Acquire a Decision-Making Skill

Create Value by Optimising your Organization

  • Business Manager Toolkit
  • Strategic Diagnostic Tools
  • Artificial Intelligence & Organization Impacts
  • Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis
  • Cyber-Risk & Cyber-Performance
  • Legal Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (LGRC)
  • Fraud & Corruption
  • Total Quality Management
  • Operations Management
  • Innovation & Prospective
  • Value & Thinking Design

Create Value by Developing your Market

  • CRM & Consumer Value
  • New Forms of Trade & Prospective
  • Quality Services & Value
  • Outstanding & Value Proposition
  • Institutions & Crisis Communication
  • Strategic Communication
  • Storytelling Value in Business
  • Sensorial & Ethno-Marketing
  • International Sales & Global Marketing
  • Digital & Strategic Transformation
  • Sphinx & Gantt Project
  • Excel Expert

Create Value with your Dissertation

  • Methodology & Dissertation
  • Dissertation Defense

International Finance & Trading (Parcours Augmenté – optionnel)

  • Financial Assets & Markets
  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Derivatives
  • Investment Funds
  • Financial Services Regulation & Professional Integrity
  • Other Financial Products
  • CISI Level 3 Exam Training

Digital Marketing & Communication (Parcours Augmenté – optionnel)

  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Social Media Strategy
  • SEO & SEA Strategy
  • KPIs & Data Analytics

Business Diplomacy (Parcours Augmenté – optionnel)

  • Intrapreneurial Project Management
  • International Organizations & Business Diplomacy
  • International Development & Economics Issues
  • International Relations Management
  • Corruption & Fraud Risks

Entrepreneurship (Parcours Augmenté – optionnel)

  • Define a Project
  • Environment & Competition
  • Matrix & Project Diagnostic
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing & Innovation
  • Personalized Coaching

We Inspire. We Empower. We Care.



I came to IMSG to specialize in international business. The school offers an impressive network which I think is key and will allow us to integrate the working world in the best available conditions.


I joined the IMSG to increase my business and management field knowledge and thus achieve my goal to become an independent entrepreneur. I am very satisfied with the diversity of the educational program and happy to be able to participate in events organized by the school, which allows us to meet influential personalities from the Geneva area.


I chosed IMSG for its Master in Digital Marketing and the pleasant environment it offers (Campus Biotech). I also wanted to be able to combine work along my studies, which is a definite advantage for recruiters!


Business development manager of a company specialized in facility management, I was looking for a Business School allowing me to acquire knowledge and a consistent practice in my position. IMSG teaches me the management basis and instills values ​​and skills that will help my career run smoothly.