Our Pedagogical Tools...

Cyberlibris is the first digital library in Europe, offering a model for consulting works in streaming. The company has designed algorithms for the intelligent processing of reading data to promote discovery and serendipity in the reading and learning domains of each of its users. With this partnership, IMSG offers its students and faculty unlimited and unrestricted access to tens of thousands of books, with an online catalog that is growing day by day.

Plagscan is an anti-plagiarism software made available to IMSG students and teachers for any writing work that is the subject of an evaluation (home, part, memory, etc.) or a university publication.

Gmail is the messaging service used by the International Management School Geneva. Each student and teacher of the school has an academic email address and thus benefits from all the peripheral services of Google (Drive, Agenda, Classroom …).

Chamilo is an open source learning management software that aims to improve overall access to education and knowledge. The IMSG pedagogical team uses the Chamilo distance learning platform for foreigners wishing to follow an online academic course.

At the forefront of English teaching for nearly 20 years and the first organization to offer English-language online courses led by professors, Education First is designing tailor-made tailor-made training courses for companies with structured progression (individual support and measurement of skills acquired). The IMSG has adapted this method for a student audience which benefits from a dedicated teacher, a personalized and individual follow-up and a method based on real verbal exchanges.

Case-based instruction immerses students in realistic professional conditions. The latter are thus led to analyze and make managerial decisions with the difficulties that are linked to them: incomplete information, time constraints and contradictory objectives. This method stimulates students’ thinking, encourages discussion, and remains the most relevant and practical way to acquire managerial and management skills. During their studies, IMSG students have the opportunity to validate Harvard (publishing) certificates.

Prezi is an innovative presentation software made available to IMSG students and teachers.


Workinlive is a learning platform for office tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc …). IMSG students benefit from WorkinLive training, with the possibility during their academic course of validating TOSA, reference in the field of evaluation of computer and digital skills.

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Highly qualified : More than 40% of our professors hold a doctorate or a PhD and some are also professionals with a rich high level experience (MDs, CEOs).

Highly supportive : Recognizing that every student is different and has its own learning method by establishing a structure.