Whether it is the loss of trust, the erosion of employee commitment, the “employee experience” which is becoming central to relationships or the massive arrival of artificial intelligence, organizations are currently facing unprecedented human challenges. It is in this changing landscape that HR professionals must, more than ever, develop agile postures in order to maintain

French article 🇫🇷 Toujours plus sensible au développement des compétences, l’International Management School Geneva a décidé d’étoffer son offre Executive afin de répondre aux besoins spécifiques des publics en emploi souhaitant renforcer leur employabilité. La professionnalisation, une obsession de l’IMSG … Parce que la professionnalisation passe par la combinaison habile de connaissances mais également d’expériences

Recruitment Morning – 10th edition

Business leaders, directors, managers and recruiters, The International Management School Geneva will organize its 10th Recruitment Morning on Friday March 15 from 8:30 to 11:30 AM at the Biotech Campus! Based on the principle of job dating, this event is aimed at any organization looking for young talent in the rhythm of school/company duality. Do you currently

IMSG is organizing a workshop at Campus Biotech on Friday December 8 which will invite us to explore the disruptive potential of natural language processing technologies in the sphere of Human Resources. We will discuss the integration of artificial intelligence into HR practices, assessing how tools such as Chat GPT can revolutionize recruiting, training and

As part of World Entrepreneurship Week, the International Management School Geneva is organizing a round table on the theme “Risk without trembling”. An essential quality of the entrepreneur is to face perilous or uncertain situations with courage and determination, without showing fear or hesitation. Enjoy a unique moment and come share the experiences of daring

“Question(s) de Management” is an academic publication that deals with topics related to management and management. It aims to contribute to research and reflection on various managerial issues by publishing scientific articles, case studies, analyzes and debates. The journal covers a wide range of areas and approaches in the field of management. And in detail?

Dr Arnaud VALLIN

He holds a PhD in sociology and began his career at the CNRS Joint Research Unit No. 5283. His work examines the interactions – sometimes difficult, sometimes fruitful – between contemporary individuals and the various forms of organisation they encounter (institutions, family, business, administration, etc.). After teaching in universities (Université de Savoie, Université Jean Monnet)

IMSG actively participates in the promotion of the LEO Club Geneva, association member of the Lions Club which brings together young people aged 18 to 32 who share common values, with the aim of developing social projects and creating links in the City.

Global warming of the planet has become a major concern. Every organization now has a role to play in protecting the environment, and many young talents now make it a point of honor to join companies that consider protecting the environment to be one of their priorities. Thus, the IMSG has drawn up an ecological

On Friday April 22, 2022, 3rd year Bachelor students had the honor of welcoming and discussing with Me Marc Bonnant, an eminent Geneva lawyer known for his famous pleadings in cases of public notoriety. After obtaining his bar exam in 1971, Me Bonnant opened his first law firm in 1973. At 41, he became the