Thierry DIME est directeur de la rédaction du magazine Le Monde Economique, et spécialiste des relations publiques, qu’il enseigne à l’IMSG. Il revient dans cet entretien sur ces fonctions, ainsi que sur l’importance du Personal Branding dans notre société. Pourquoi avez-vous choisi de vous orienter vers les médias ? Les médias étaient pour moi comme

The “36 seconds of the IMSG” continues! Second interview with Fabrizio Barozzi, Managing Director of Casino du Lac and auditor of the Executive DBA at IMSG. Ready ? Action! 🎬

The “36 seconds of the IMSG” series is launched! First interview with Fabien Arévalo, Founder of Altamedia, teacher in market studies and auditor of the Executive DBA at IMSG. Ready? Action!

Franck Vidal invited in the RTS studio

On Monday July 20, 2020, Mr. Franck Vidal, a sales technician at IMSG, was invited to the Forum program about public lighting and its impact on road safety, as President of LAMPER (Swiss agency for the protection of the night environment). To view the show’s replay, please click here.

The term “innovation” means the invention of an idea and its implementation. When we talk about intellectual property and innovation, we have to refer to the whole process that goes from the emergence of the said idea until the moment when a certain service or product is finalized. Whether it’s a small business or a

Digital round table organized by the IMSG and the Cercle des Dirigeants d’Entreprises. With the exceptional participation of: Pascal BRUCKNER (Philosopher and writer) Stéphane HAEFLIGER (HR mutation manager) Panteleimon GIANNAKOPOULOS (Ordinary professor of psychiatry at the University of Geneva) Format: 30 minutes of debate + 30 minutes of discussion with the speakers Registration: The

As part of the next IMSG “Rendez-vous du Cube”, Dr. Ewa Miendlarzewska will give a conference on Monday April 20 at 9:00 am on the aforementioned theme. Link : Informations: ABSTRACT There is a power in the stories we tell. The power of the story of the human being as a rational agent

In a particular context of confinement, the NGO “People’s Awareness Network Society” created on the initiative of Madeline Desandre, Master student at IMSG, has launched a challenge: to set up an awareness project on COVID-19 counting on international solidarity and all this without a budget! Here is the result of its efforts:

The creation of the network is the raison d’être of a Business School. Linking graduates, teachers, lecturers, partners and students in training, around the world, is a priority for the educational ecosystem that is the IMSG. This is why in order to facilitate interactions between these different actors, the school is implementing its new web

To avoid travel, the Alpha Students Club offers to deliver fresh products to your door or that of your loved ones. Of course, all safety rules are scrupulously observed. To participate actively, at its level, in the fight against Covid-19, 15% of the revenue generated by this solidarity action will be donated to the HUG