Dr Asma Layouni Photo


Dr. Asma Layouni is a specialist in Economic and Financial Management. She started her career as a lecturer at “Ecole Centrale de Lyon”. She also taught in several other institutions such as “Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne” and University of Damascus-Grenoble. Recently, she had the responsibility of developing and teaching the Operational Management and Corporate Finance

Dr (BA) Monica WAGEN

Monica is a Professor of Organizational Development and teaches a Masters course in Entrepreneurship at the Sorbonne University in Paris. She has a dual background of Economy and Law studies at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She has been appointed Professor & Assistant at the IMD Business School and has written a thesis on governance.


An economist and a global investment expert, Imad is a senior investment banker. He is currently heading the global equity division and the Swiss operations at Forte Securities. Since 1998, as an astute observer of the world, Imad advises institutions and wealthy families in their investments and helps them navigate complex and challenging markets throughout


Thomas Roullet graduated from the University of Geneva in 2015 after completing his master’s degree in economic law (MLaw). He further pursued his studies by obtaining a certificate in translational law (CTL). After being admitted with the Geneva bar in 2017, he joined the firm Altenburger LTD legal + tax as an associate, where he


Founder & CEO of BEEDOO SA He has spent more than 20 years in the financial industry with a special focus on manging risks and investing for others and himself. This has allowed him to learn a lot of very important lessons which he is happy to share with you and/or advise you on. He


Rubén Navarro is a lawyer, project manager and entrepreneur. He studied a double degree in Law and Business Administration at Carlos III University in Madrid, then a Master in Corporate Law and Tax Advisory at Instituto de Empresa while working at PwC. In 2011 Rubén came to Geneva, Switzerland to work as a lawyer and

Mr Andrew YOUNG

After Political economics and sport management studies in Geneva and Fribourg, Andrew Young worked for over 25 years for numerous public administrations in various functions as a top manager, in such different areas as environment, culture, sport, youth or police. As a consultant during the 12 following years, he also specialized in NPO management, as

Prof.Dr. Olivier BADOT (visiting)

Prof. Dr Olivier BADOT (visiting)

The Prof. Dr Olivier Badot has a Doctorate in Industrial Economics. He is a specialist in consumption, trade and distribution.. Member of the Committee of Experts of the City Factory (Vivendi) and the National Center of Shopping Centers, he is Scientific Director of the E. Leclerc Chair and current Dean of Research at ESCP Europe.



Mr Paul Cosmovici, lawyer in the field of trademarks, patents and designs, has significant expertise in the strategy related to intellectual property. His experience includes the structuring of commercial transactions as well as the protection of intellectual property assets.

Dr. Wafa GZARA


Dr Wafa GZARA is an assistant professor in Finance. She earned her Ph.D in Finance from the University of Paris X (ex Paris-Nanterre). She also holds from the University of Cergy Pontoise in France two master degrees, MA (ex DEA) in Finance and Insurance and MA (ex DESS) in Economic Engineering. Prior to joining IMSG,