M. Andrew YOUNG

Mr Andrew YOUNG

After Political economics and sport management studies in Geneva and Fribourg, Andrew Young worked for over 25 years for numerous public administrations in various functions as a top manager, in such different areas as environment, culture, sport, youth or police. As a consultant during the 12 following years, he also specialized in NPO management, as



M° Paul Cosmovici, lawyer in the field of trademarks, patents and designs, has significant expertise in the strategy related to intellectual property. His experience includes the structuring of commercial transactions as well as the protection of intellectual property assets.

M. Stéphane DEFFIS

Mr Stéphane DEFFIS

Stéphane has 20 years of experience in Finance acquired in 3 large groups: Thales, Cotecna, Trafigura where he held various positions (Financial Director, ERP / CPM Project Manager, implementation of shared service center) At the beginning of 2019 he decided to launch his own independent consulting activity for SMEs, NGOs and French-speaking multinationals to help

Dr. Wafa GZARA

Dr. Wafa GZARA

Dr. Wafa GZARA is an assistant professor in Finance. She earned her Ph.D in Finance from the University of Paris X (ex Paris-Nanterre). She also holds from the University of Cergy Pontoise in France two master degrees, MA (ex DEA) in Finance and Insurance and MA (ex DESS) in Economic Engineering. Prior to joining IMSG,

M. Jean-Marc PORTIER

Mr Jean-Marc PORTIER

With a benefit of a career made in banks located on the territory of Geneva, Jean-Marc Porter had the opportunity to work primarily in the stock area in connection with the management of private wealth. He was also part of investment committees as a stock picker and monitoring customer positions on fundamental and technical basis. He

M. Bertrand DE GASQUET

Mr Bertrand DE GASQUET

Bertrand De Gasquet, professor of micro / macroeconomics and international finance, is asset manager in a Parisian private bank. He intervenes all over the world for many banks as well as in numerous programs of “Executive” training.

Dr. Bernard BARBERI

Dr. Bernard BARBERI

Bernard Barberi, Chartered accountant and external auditor registered at the Order of “Paris-Île de France”, he intervenes in his domains of specialization covering the accounting, the management control, the financial management and the tax system. He works with professional clients of diverse sizes, in different branches of industry, which is source of enrichment for the students.