“Defining what the Metagile Manager ® will be” Chair Professor: Jacques GAGNON, School of Management, University of Sherbrooke, Quebec. “According to reports by the Californian Think-Tank “Institute for the Future”/Dell and the World Economic Forum (October 21, 2020), 85% of the jobs of 2030 do not exist and 50% of all employees will, due to

Jacques GAGNON est nommé professeur associé de la Chaire IMSG "Mutations & Agilités".

The IMSG Board of Directors is proud to announce the appointment of Jacques GAGNON as Associate Professor and Chairholder of the “Mutations & Agilities” professorship. A professor of management and HR at the University of Sherbrooke’s School of Management, an academic partner of the IMSG, he is a specialist in strategic planning in the field

Enoch Effah Enseignant à l'IMSG business school à genève

Mr Enoch EFFAH

Mr Enoch Effah Afriyie is a three-time world boxing champion and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of Nokefa, an enterprise providing coaching and training services, and he is president of “Coaching Sportif et Citoyen,” an association working to enhance the professional and civic dynamics of sports. In 2008, Mr. Effah was tapped by the

PhD Catherine Charbonnier


Catherine holds a PhD in robotics and computer science. Since 1997, she led several digital transformation projects in a multitude of different organizations. Intrigued by the fast-changing pace of this 21st century, she sees today materializing what she studied yesterday in her lab. Catherine encourages companies and people to better understand AI, assess its risks

Prof. Dr. Richard Delaye-Habermacher

Discover the interview of Prof. Dr. Richard Delaye-Habermacher, Academic Dean of the IMSG, in the latest issue of Le Monde Economique.  

Eric Frandeboeuf


Graduated from the Paris School of Business with a Master Degree in Economics, Eric has worked for nearly 30 years in communication, marketing and food industry in various management and consulting positions. Eric has developed a real expertise in brand and innovation management, he is currently the owner of a startup and a teacher in

Dr Asma Layouni Photo


Dr. Asma Layouni is a specialist in Economic and Financial Management. She started her career as a lecturer at “Ecole Centrale de Lyon”. She also taught in several other institutions such as “Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne” and University of Damascus-Grenoble. Recently, she had the responsibility of developing and teaching the Operational Management and Corporate Finance

Summer Opening

IMSG and Artraction are joining forces to organize a Summer Opening to promote unique and originals works art by artists from Lake Geneva region. Artraction is a non-profit organization recognized for public utility, promoting contemporary artists and creators of works art.