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    Mrs. Dorra ANNE

    After a Bachelor of Business Administration at Neoma Business School and then a Master at Skema Business School, Dorra ANNE becomes an international sales

    Social Innovation & Circular Economy Management Chair

    To help non-profit organisations to optimize their impact on fields in social justice and human rights by training future collaborators responsible and aware about

    M° Hervé CRAUSAZ

    Hervé Crausaz graduated from the University of Geneva in 1994 and qualified in 1996 in Geneva and in 1999 in Vaud. He founded the

    Prof-Dr. Richard DELAYE

    Richard Delaye is a Doctor of Management Sciences (dir. Prof. Peretti), HDR in Humanities and Social Sciences (Dir. Prof. Lardellier), MBA of Reims Management

    Mr. Felicé TIOULONG

    Mr. Tioulong is Professor of Supply Chain at the IMSG. After obtaining a DUT Logistics and Transport Management at the IUT of Evry, he

    Col. Eric NICOD

    Colonel Eric NICOD spent a career as an officer in the French Air Force before performing various teaching duties, notably within Institutes of Political

    Pr. Sung-Do KIM (visiting)

    Koryo University, Séoul, Professor Sung-Do KIM teaches Intercultural Management.

    Mr. Franck VIDAL

    Franck Vidal is an entrepreneur (Manager, Technical, Sales and Environment). Coming from a Swiss-French family of entrepreneurs (Asuel JU) specialized in hydraulic drilling, he discovered the

    Mr. Serge VIDAL

    Serge VIDAL is a specialist in substantial, international projects, where a complex solution must be built from scratch, taking into account various drivers: costs, performances,

    Mr. Jean-Marc PORTIER

    With a benefit of a career made in banks located on the territory of Geneva, Jean-Marc Porter had the opportunity to work primarily in the