Col. Gérald VERNEZ

Founder and director of the digivolution foundation, Gérald VERNEZ was DDPS cyberdefence delegate. A graduate of a MAS SPCM in security policy from ETH Zurich, he is a former auditor of the IHEDN and followed the courses of the NATO Defense college. He is a recognized expert in cyber defense in Switzerland.

Mr Roberto DE PRIMIS

A graduate in Political Science at the University of Liège (Belgium), with specializations in American and European studies, Roberto De Primis completed his academic career at South Bank University in London, at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) and at the Solvay Business School in Brussels with an Executive Master in Management (eMba). After


After analyzing the institutionalizing practices and strategies of emerging musical scene in Habana for his Master’s thesis in Anthropology, Bastien Birchler started developing his work with audio-visual tools. He has been working for the past 10 years using these technologies to lead investigations, to create innovative dispositives that allow renewal analyses of social contexts. He

Cne Nicolas BARTHE

Committed on a daily basis to serving young people, Nicolas Barthe is passionate about the transmission of knowledge, ethical and responsible values. Teacher, educator, military leader, football team captain, writer, graduate of the Université Côte d’Azur, the University of Montpellier, Sciences Po Paris and the IMSG, he is present to take up sporting challenges and



Marie Peretti-Ndiaye holds a doctorate in sociology and is a research associate at the CADISS EHESS Center for Sociological Analysis and Intervention. His work focuses on the manifestations and causes of racism, the links between nationalism and racism, the links between ethnic and racial discrimination and gender, the political sociology of Corsica and disparities and

Dr. Olivier NARAY

Dr. Olivier NARAY

Olivier Naray helps companies and individuals to communicate and defend their interests vis-à-vis their external stakeholders (authorities, media, etc.) and their target audiences. He has specialised in corporate public affairs, and in strategic external relations. Olivier Naray founded the group Blockchain & Politics. Swiss and multilingual (French, German, Swiss German, English), previously managed projects promoting

Col. Eric NICOD

Col. Eric NICOD

Colonel Eric NICOD spent a career as an officer in the French Air Force before performing various teaching duties, notably within Institutes of Political Studies from 2011 onwards. As an officer, he held various positions of responsibility in various fields and in diplomatic and operational contexts, which gave him the opportunity to make numerous visits

M. Serge VIDAL

Mr Serge VIDAL

Serge VIDAL is a specialist in substantial, international projects, where a complex solution must be built from scratch, taking into account various drivers: costs, performances, risks, operational constraints, local specificity… Such multifaceted projects require a good understanding of many issues : commercial and technical, but also financial, legal, regulatory, logistical, cultural, and even diplomatic affairs. With

Col. Frédéric GALLOIS

Col. Frédéric GALLOIS

Frédéric Gallois has got a MBA HEC/GENDARMERIE in “Safety management”, and a Master in “Business Intelligence”. He followed the program of the ESM of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan then the School of Officers of the Gendarmerie Nationale. Furthermore, he possesses the diploma of “Expert in management of the criminal and terrorist crises” of the GIGN. Finally, he is a

M. Christian AGHROUM

Mr Christian AGHROUM

After a career in the French National Police, then having been director of the security for an international company based in Switzerland, Christian Aghroum created his own company of advice in cybersecurity and crisis management.