After the success met at their first meeting of September 6, 2016 (see article), the “forum des cadres” is organizing a second conference Tuesday, September 20 on the theme:

VAT – choose the method: ordinary count or TDFN (Tax Liabilities Net Rate)?

“The art of taxation consists in plucking the goose to get the most of feathers with the least possible cries.” This sentence of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Louis XIV to the steward of Finance seems particularly well represents the VAT !

During this conference, you will discover what are the benefits of choosing one method or the other to limit the cost to your business, or your employer. It will start at 18:30 for a period of about 45 minutes and will take place in Geneva, Rue de Lausanne (in the neighborhood from the train station). The exact address will be communicated upon receipt of your registration on the following link:

A snack will be offered later, with the opportunity to do networking (do not forget your business cards !).