Breakfast at the Company Leaders Circle in the presence of Luc Barthassat (DETA)

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Breakfast at the Company Leaders Circle in the presence of Luc Barthassat (DETA)

On Tuesday 2nd May, IMSG’s students have had the opportunity to participate to Luc Barthassat’s intervention, councillor at the department of environment, transport and agriculture (DETA), at the Cercle des Dirigeants d’Entreprises (Circle of Company Managers).

Mr Barthassat expressed himself about actuality and the stakes of his administration subdivision in terms of transport and mobility, as well as his different achievements since his arrival in 2015 at the Council for Geneva’s Canton such as:

  • an agreement with the Pays de Gex municipalities community to avoid the construction of a new water treatment plant in France which allows the protection of Allondon’s water quality.
  • an agreement in Swissness file which enables to our duty-free areas to keep their status, essentials for our farmers whom make our life better.
  • the creation of a green wave on the road link Vernier – Genève which allows to save 350 hours of traffic per day.
  • the mobility law approved last December by the Great Council and which followed on from the results of General States’ questionnaires and from the law project deposed by the State Council. This project will be submit to a popular vote with the aim to bury the hatchet regarding transports.
  • the launch of an innovating tool which enables the monitoring of air pollution at the cross-border scale : G²AME platform (Great Geneva Air Model Emissions).
  • the green light concerning the project of trolleybus which are a 100% electric buses and which will soon be a part of Geneva’s urban landscape.
  • the initiation of a Wakeboard cable, the first time on Leman’s lake, and of Saugy’s baths: a new place of relaxation.
  • the CEVA open days and his 32,000 curious representatives of the quiet majority. The one which understands the benefits of this infrastructure and which are delighted with this new metro.
  • the reinforcement of the project “Nature in City” by way of private projects encouraged by the State.
  • the Eaux-Vives beach whose project is close to be ended thanks to the opening of the public investigation about the law modifications on the general protection of the Lake banks and on the use plan.
  • the setting up of measures to respond to pollution peaks such as the discount for UNIRESO tickets and 80km/h speed limit motorways.
  • the launch of a search engine for carsharing at the regional scale which offers a real added value with the aim to encourage this practice.

The State Councillor also mentioned a voter turnout for the crossing of Geneva’s harbour, the sharing of video surveillance, the balance of TPG’s prices and also the collaboration with the Canton of Vaud and the cross-border of France for an unbroken improvement of road transports.


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