The Booster Club is a “circle of professional friends” that brings together people who share ethical values, such as generosity, respect, courage or gratitude. Its program is clearly defined: to change the world by the contagion of the positive attitude!

The mission of the Booster Club is to offer an alternative to the toxicity of negative attitudes and immorality often encountered in companies but also in the private sphere. The aim is to promote quality human interactions by discovering terroirs, businesses and stories in order to draw inspiration from them. The Booster Club is not a networking platform where it is about amortizing time and membership. It offers a space of conviviality ludic favorable to the serious development of the professional and personal projects.

The personal benefits are as follows: to boost one’s job, to train one’s communication, to spend good moments, to discover new places, to enrich oneself humanly and socially, to integrate a community of solidarity, to protect oneself from the toxicity of negativity, to express one’s creativity and his leadership.

The professional benefits are very varied: boost its reputation, develop its business, build loyalty, enjoy the expertise of members, benefit from the visibility of the Club, exchange professional experiences, integrate an incubator of new ideas, find a partner, a client, a provider.

In this context, the Booster Club and the International Management School Geneva will co-organize an “Escalade Night” on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 18:00 on the Rooftop of the Innovation Park. On this occasion, IMSG students, teachers and partners will break and share the chocolate pot with members of the Booster Club, with interactions and entertainment offered throughout the evening. To participate :