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    J’ai été particulièrement attirée par la présentation pédagogique de l’IMSG. J’apprécie la capacité que l’on nous donne à pouvoir être préparés au monde l’entreprise, et

    Vassishtasaï RAMANY BALA POUBADY

    During my rich career as a Joint Officer, I was fortunate to have taken progressive and humanly significant roles. Based on my military responsibilities

    Nathalie ROBERT

    Consultant in digital marketing and CRM, I spent 20 years holding positions of responsibility in different countries, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and


    The choice of the IMSG was an obvious one. The rigorous and innovative pedagogy allow me to develop my skills and knowledge, but also to explore

    Patrice SAM

    Graduated in Law and having a Master of a Business School, I work for an international organization in Geneva. I wished to integrate the IMSG