Social Innovation and Circular Economy Chair

To help non-profit organisations to optimize their impact on fields in social justice and human rights by training future collaborators responsible and aware about global issues in the field of education, information and communication management and sustainable development are common objectives between International Management School Geneva and NGO Management Association Switzerland (NMA).

Chair objectives are the following:

  • Contribute to create tools for a better understanding of the stakes of social innovation and circular economy
  • Contribute to reinforce international and interdisciplinary research about questions in social innovation and circular economy management
  • Diffusion and provision of the resources to a global scale thanks to the construction of an education allowing to reach an online platform of education
  • Creation of a network of international and interdisciplinary research regrouping teams of scientific research from North to South. It generates the collaborations both from North to South and also from South to South.

This chair is presided by Prof. Jean-Marie PERETTI, specialist in human resources and Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) who has 35 years of experience in HR promotion and CSR around the world. He is a well-known writer and his publications are referred in academic world.

Instructors and associated-researchers for the activity of the Chair are the following:

  • Dr. Luc BOYER, for questions about Governance, University Paris-Dauphine
  • Roselyne DELAYE, for the questions about Life Sciences, IMSGeneva
  • Dr. Richard DELAYE, for the questions about Management, IMSGeneva
  • Patrick NAEF, for the questions about Anthropology, University of Geneva
  • M. Marco KIRSCHBAUM, for the questions about Career Transition, NMA
  • Dr. Pascal LARDELLIER, for the questions about Information and Communication, University of Bourgogne-Franche-Conté
  • M. Alain MEIGNANT, for questions about Diversity Policies (especially for handicap)
  • Dr. Marcello MORTILLARO, Head of Applied Research, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva
  • M. Gilles MOSCA, DBA in progress, NMA
  • Dr. Jean-Marie PERETTI, for questions about Human Resources and CSR, ESSEC Business School
  • Dr. André-Yves PORTNOFF, for questions about Innovation and Insubstantial, HEG Fribourg