Mutations and Agilities Chair

According to a report by Dell and the Californian think tank “Institute for the Future,” 85% of jobs in 2030 do not exist yet. This is an observation that the IMSG takes very seriously as a player in education and whose mission is to contribute to the development of the employability of new generations. In a job market that is becoming more complex, the perception of young graduates is irrevocable. Indeed, for 60% of these, “the skills they have acquired never or rarely meet the expectations of companies.”

Social Innovation and Circular Economy Chair

To help non-profit organisations to optimize their impact on fields in social justice and human rights by training future collaborators responsible and aware about global issues in the field of education, information and communication management and sustainable development are common objectives between International Management School Geneva and NGO Management Association Switzerland (NMA).

Manager’s Health Chair

Taboo subject, the health of the Manager is an element too little taken into account in business strategies while it is a must-have asset. The stressful environments in which managers and local managers operate can impact the structures and significantly increase the risk factors for the employee as well as for the company (in the global sense of the term). The progression of syndromes such as burnout and other forms of depression that are rooted in the professional landscape highlight the importance of effective prevention.