MBA in Business Diplomacy & Master Foreign Regional Studies – Double Degree with RANEPA


In May 2017, the IMSG signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the prestigious RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation), in order to set up the optimal conditions for exchanges students and teachers and create exchanges in research and scientific publications in the fields of management, management and political science. Two years later, this cooperation resulted in the signing of a double degree agreement, as part of an unprecedented public-private partnership.


The program has a duration of 4 semesters (two academic years) and is structured as follows:

1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester 4th semester

Students must validate 60 ECTS credits at IMSG and 60 ECTS credits at RANEPA to qualify for the double diploma. They must present and support their thesis at the end of the cycle to the jury of the two establishments.

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Year 1 : IMSG – MBA in Business Diplomacy

  • Develop Your Leadership
  • Manage your Health
  • Develop your Strategic Vision
  • Strengthen your overall Negotiation Capacity
  • Acquire a Decision-Making Skill
  • Skills & Talent Management
  • New forms of Work Organization
  • Organizational Audit
  • New forms of Human Resource
  • Change Management
  • Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Cyber-Rick and Cyber-Performance
  • Fraud and Corruption Risk Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Operations Management
  • Innovation & Prospective
  • Business Analysis
  • CRM and Consumer Value
  • New Forms of Trade and Prospective
  • Quality Services and Value
  • Outstanding and Value Proposition
  • Strategic Communication
  • Storytelling Value in Business
  • Sensorial and Ethno-Marketing
  • International Sales & Global Marketing
  • Gantt Project
  • Excel Expert
  • Methodology and Dissertation

Year 2 : RANEPA – Master Foreign Regional Studies

  • Language of area specialization
  • Economic policy of Russia in the specialization area
  • Practicum “comparative research”
  • Eurasian Economic area
  • Government institutions and policy of Russia in the post-Soviet space
  • Russia’s foreign policy
  • Legal foundations of the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Teacher training
  • Research seminar
  • Research paper 2
  • Traineeship in primary professional skills acquisition
  • Traineeship in vocational skills and professional experience
  • Diplomatic protocol and etiquette
  • Pre-thesis internship
  • Preparation for State Exam
  • Defense of Master thesis