Master of Science in Sales & Marketing for the Life Sciences Industry


The program enables students, with a minimum education of Bachelor 3 or equivalent, to enter into the Health and Medical Technology job market.

Whether graduated in medicine, pharmacology or biology and looking for general management & sales & marketing skills, or graduated from general management and eager to enter the Pharmaceutical Industry, Medtech or Health Sector, students will dramatically enhance their professional skills within a highly contextualized Life Sciences program.

This program prepares our Life Sciences students to find great roles in Product Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Communication, Sales across the whole diversified Health Sector. Although the emphasis is on the Life Sciences curriculum, we also integrate highly practical professional skills such as Presentation skills, Digital proficiency, Agency briefs, Data analysis and Management tips.


The School-Company balance is an important factor in driving high quality employment. The International Management School Geneva is working with a pool of companies who welcome our Master students into various departments, thereby ensuring they acquire significant professional experience. The program is organized in 3 semesters, totaling 120 credits.


To validate its semesters, the student will have to support / defend a thesis that will focus on :

  • The launch of a product
  • A diagnostic and positioning study
  • Designing a communication plan
  • Building a Business Plan
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Strategy & General Management

  • Quality Management
  • Business PlanDevelopment (Harvard Business School Publishing)
  • Project Management (Harvard Business School Publishing)
  • Process Improvement (Harvard Business School Publishing)
  • International Business Law
  • Strategic HR Management, Retention)
  • Change Management (Harvard Business School Publishing)
  • Decision Making (Harvard Business School Publishing)
  • Lobbying Crisis Management (Harvard Business School Publishing)
  • IT security
  • Innovation Implementation (Harvard Business School Publishing)

Accounting & Finance

  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Internal Audit
  • Macro & Micro Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Ethics & Professional Standards
  • Global Economy
  • Political Sociology
  • Corporate Ethics

Marketing & Communication

  • Strategic Marketing – Models
  • Consumer Studies
  • Competition Law
  • Brand Management
  • Price Setting
  • Core Competencies – Marketing
  • Leading a Sales Team
  • International Marketing
  • CRM & Sales Management
  • Sensorial Marketing


  • Innovation Day
  • Business English
  • Speaking with Confidence
  • Methodology
  • Thesis


  • Positioning & Market Orientation
  • Pre-Strategic mapping
  • Campaign Plan & Feedback
  • Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical Environment


  • Mid-term Exams
  • Final Exams
  • Thesis Defense

Learning expeditions