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  • Bachelor of Science in Finance & Trading




    International Trade is key in today’s globalized economy and it’s importance continue to grow. More and more companies, not just the multi-nationals, are looking to grow their customer base by expanding internationally.

    The IMSG has partnered with the world reference in trading qualifications, the London based CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment). We are the only non-UK school offering CISI based curriculum and a preparation for their qualifications.

    By the time you graduate in Trading & Finance, you will understand how international market work, how to analyze them and how to design trade strategies on a global level.

    Having taken a Bachelor of Sciences in Trading & Finance from the International Management School Geneva, and CISI qualifications, you can expect to find yourself a job in trade negotiations, international finance or import and export development, potentially anywhere in the world.


    On years 1 & 2, the program is following a classical academic year rhythm. We do not have classes on Fridays, allowing our students to work that day if they need/want to.

    On year 3, the rhythm is organized in such a way that our students can work Part-Time, which paves the way for employment. Our Career & Development Department offers Career & Outplacement services for our students.

    If you follow the three years, you’ll earn 180 ECTS Credits.


    At the end of Year 3, the student will have to defend a Thesis which will carry on one of the subjects studied during the programme’s Major.



    Finance & Accounting

    • Accounting
    • Financial Control Introduction

    Marketing – Sales – Communication

    • Fondamental Marketing
    • International Business
    • Communication Tools
    • Fondamental Sales Technics

    Management & Human Resource 

    • Sociology of Organizations & HR
    • International Relations Management
    • Legal & Business Environment

    General Knowledge 

    • Social Anthropology Introduction
    • General Knowledge & Philosophy
    • Swiss Institutions & Policy
    • Humanitarian Project

    Periphery Skills

    • Public Speaking
    • Innovation Day
    • Business English
    • Business Etiquette
    • Professional Behavior
    • Cyber Identity
    • Tai Chi


    Finance & Accounting 

    • Cost Accounting
    • Corporate Finance
    • Mathematical & Statistics

    Marketing – Sales – Communication

    • Operational Marketing
    • Market Studies
    • Communication Policies
    • Sales Technics Advanced

    Management & Human Resource 

    • General Corporate Policy
    • Human Resource Organization
    • Legal & Business Environment Advanced

    General Knowledge 

    • Social Anthropology Advanced
    • General Knowledge & Philosophy Advanced
    • Micro & Macro Economy

    Periphery Skills

    • Public Speaking
    • Innovation Day
    • Business English
    • Business Etiquette
    • Professional Behavior


    Financial Accounting 

    • Balanced Scorecard Introduction
    • Financial Control Advanced
    • Taxation
    • Quantitative Methods for Management
    • International Finance
    • Finance Essential (Harvard Certificate)

    Marketing – Sales – Communication

    • Applied Marketing
    • Persuading Technics
    • Marketing Essential (Harvard Certificate)

    Management & Human Ressource

    • Team Management
    • Supply Chain Process
    • Cyber Identity
    • Decision Making
    • Cross-cultural Management Project
    • Global Collaboration (Harvard Certificate)

    Periphery Skills 

    • Preparation of the Defense
    • Innovation Day
    • Business English
    • Methodology & Dissertation
    • Business Etiquette
    • Professional Behavior
    • Tai Chi

    Finance & Trading Major 

    • Financial Assets & Markets
    • Equities
    • Bonds
    • Derivatives
    • Investment Founds
    • Financial Services Regulation & Professional Integrity
    • Other Financial Products
    • Questions & Answers