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  • Bachelor of Science in International Affairs




    This course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the exciting discipline of international relations. Students will learn about the workings of political institutions in countries around the world and explore the complex field of relations between nations. Topics in governance, public policy, public administration, national security and border control ensure that students receive a broad and current education in the range of issues which are covered under the label of international relations.

    In addition to acquiring specialist knowledge and competencies in International Relations and Psychology, students will graduate with a range of generic skills such as critical thinking, enhanced communication abilities, problem solving and general business topics. They will also develop ethically based and socially responsible attitudes and behaviors.


    On years 1 & 2, the program is following a classical academic year rhythm. We do not have classes on Fridays, allowing our students to work that day if they need/want to.

    On year 3, the rhythm is organized in such a way that our students can work Part-Time, which paves the way for employment. Our Career & Development Department offers Career & Outplacement services for our students.

    If you follow the three years, you’ll earn 180 ECTS Credits.


    At the end of Year 3, the student will have to defend a Thesis which will carry on one of the subjects studied during the programme’s Major.



    Accounting and Financial Management – 160h

    • General Accounting
    • Introduction to Management Control
    • Mathematics & Statistics
    • English applied to Management

    Marketing – Sales – Communication – 160h

    • Marketing Fundamentals
    • International Trade
    • Communication Tools
    • Commercial approach & Sales techniques
    • English applied to Marketing

    Management & Human Resources – 200h

    • Human Resources
    • Introduction to Social Anthropology
    • Business Law
    • International Relations & General Culture
    • Swiss Institutions & Political
    • English applied to Management
    • Professional Skills Development
    • Innovation Day


    Accounting and Financial Management – 160h

    • Cost Accounting
    • Corporate Finance
    • Mathematics & Statistics
    • English applied to Management

    Marketing – Sales – Communication – 160h

    • Operational Marketing
    • Market Research
    • Communication Policies
    • Sales & Negotiation Techniques
    • English applied to Marketing

    Management & Human Resources – 200h

    • General Business Policy
    • Human Resources Organization
    • Legal & Social Environment
    • International Project Management
    • Professional Skills Development
    • English applied to Management
    • Social Anthropology
    • General Knowledge
    • Innovation Day


    Accounting & Finance – 80h

    • Asset Management
    • Taxation
    • Corporate Finance
    • International Finance
    • Financial Accounting
    • Finance Essentials (Harvard Business School Publishing)

    Marketing – Sales – Communication – 68h

    • Mix Marketing & Matrix
    • Digital Marketing
    • Persuading Technics
    • Marketing Research
    • Marketing Essentials (Harvard Business School Publishing)

    Management & Human Resources – 88h

    • Team Management – Empowerment
    • Decision Making
    • Economic Intelligence
    • Supply Chain Management
    • International Affairs
    • Project management
    • Global Collaboration (Harvard Business School Publishing)

    Other – 116h

    • Business English
    • Innovation Day
    • Methodology
    • Thesis

    Major – 80h

    • NGO Law
    • Fundraising Technics
    • Delivering during Armed Conflicts
    • Geopolitics
    • International Cooperation & NGO players


    • Mid-term Exams
    • Final Exams
    • Dissertation Defense

    Learning expeditions