The Bachelor’s degree of the International Management School Geneva is prepared in three years after High/Secondary School or equivalent graduation. The objective of this program is to equip our students with fundamental business knowledge and professional experience.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Prepare yourself to be part of the dynamic world of business with the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. You’ll gain knowledge in accounting, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship and more while developing critical-thinking and decision-making skills throughout your degree program. These working skills and the ability to apply business theory to the working world can help you make an impact on your chosen field.

The Masters at International Management School Geneva prepare graduates for demanding careers in private, public or non-profit organizations by integrating global understanding, entrepreneurial thinking and business fundamentals with key items for any manager’s success, such as the importance of managing information and information resources effectively using scarce resources and understanding human behavior. International Management School Geneva emphasizes all the functional areas of business in a case-based and action-based learning environment.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The 21st century demands original approaches championed by a new breed of business leader—innovative, resourceful, pragmatic, and intrepid. These leaders must possess the knowledge and insight to creatively and effectively address the challenges of tomorrow—including those not evident today. The International Management School Geneva MBA was created to meet these demands. Engaging, forward-thinking, and responsive, we are aiming at educating a new generation of business leaders who are also global citizens.

L’Executive DBA est un cursus de haut niveau adapté à un certain type de demande de la part de professionnels qui recherchent davantage de pragmatisme ou une modélisation de leurs pratiques managériales sans toutefois occulter la rigueur en termes d’écriture et de respect des normes en vigueur dans le domaine de la recherche.

Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA)

Cette formation permet aux cadres en exercice de conceptualiser leurs connaissances ainsi que leur expérience afin de la partager et de la diffuser sous forme écrite, la Thesis (thèse professionnelle). La reconnaissance à l’international du DBA est acquise puisque de nombreuses universités étrangères pratiquent d’ores et déjà ce type de cursus.

Graduates from the program are expected to make a key contribution to practice, so program work will relate to the chosen topic of Thesis as well as research methodologies.

DBA international recognition is granted since many universities internationally offer this type of course. DBA Auditors will also gain recognition through their scientific publications and they will take part of a network of professors and scientists across the world.

Our DBA can be followed on campus in Geneva or at distance. For the latest, we will provide the student with a mentor and with two one week methodology seminars in Geneva over two years. We believe that the distance program is more suitable for a DBA as it allows the student to combine her/his research with her/his job.