Ewa MIENDLARZEWSKA, Ph.D. from the University of Geneva, joins the team of the International Management School Geneva as associate professor in neuroscience and management.

Assigned to the Chair (s) Mutation (s) and Agility (s), its mission is to educate students of Bachelor, Master and DBA neuroscience and their impact in the managerial sphere. The Chair aims to (re) define agility, a notion that has often become a “suitcase word” in the mouths of HR managers and managers looking for new organizational paradigms. However, be careful not to imagine that simply attaching the prefix “neuro” to a word makes it instantly a scientific concept. That’s why the chair team, made up of psychologists, researchers and business leaders, is currently working on establishing a rigorous research protocol which should lead, within five years, to many writings while feeding the educational project of the IMSG.

“Given our presence in the Biotech Campus, we had to exchange regularly with other scientists on topics related to artificial intelligence (AI) or the Brain Project,” explains Dr. Roselyne Delaye, director of the IMSG. “That’s what led us to want to develop an approach linking neuroscience and management science, even though it’s not obvious at first reading. -Manager will not be the decision maker of the second part of the XXI century The question remains open “.