A challenge inspired by obstacle courses, TERRA RHONA tests the physical and mental capacities of its participants.

As part of its partnership with the Servette Rugby Club de Genève, main contributor to the event, the International Management School Geneva supports this first Swiss edition which promises to be rich in sportiness, meetings and solidarity.

7 good reasons to participate in TERRA RHONA

No obstacle for surpassing yourself!

1. Because you have friends with whom you want to share a unique moment.

2. Because you have already toured the activities in your region.

3. Because you always dreamed of seeing your colleague roll in the mud.

4. Because you would have liked a day’s military service anyway.

5. Because it’s good to have aches.

6. Because anyway, with or without you, your friends will go there.

7. Because you are a challenger and whether you want to be timed or not, you have a choice.

And even if after these 7 good reasons you do not feel ready, you can still accompany your friends and support them on obstacles!

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