By the time we reach gender equality in the workplace, robots will most probably rule the world. Artificial Intelligence is coming soon, much faster than gender equality in the workplace. So it is crucial that we start thinking about how Artificial Intelligence should and could benefit all of humanity, by having women fully integrated in the Artificial Intelligence discussions and part of the decision making process.

Narjis Hilale is a citizen of the world, passionnate about women empowerment. She has lived in Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa. She has 15 years experience working for major FMCG multinationals and UN organizations (Shell, P&G, JTI, Firmenich, Singtel, Vivendi, WIPO) in global leadership positions. She is the author of the book “Woman’s Essentials Box for the Corporate World”, and teaches “Consumer Shopper Insights Management” to IMSG’ students.