Jean-Marie Peretti is a professor and researcher in human resources. According to a FNEGE’s survey (Fondation Nationale pour l’Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises – National Foundation for Companies Management Academic Education) about management research realized in 2016 with 1557 managers providing from higher education establishments of management, Jean-Marie Peretti appears in the top 50 of the most influential authors alive in management around the world.

Upon a doctoral seminar organized by the International Management School of Geneva, Pr Peretti will approach the new organisational stakes about which the companies of the 21st century have to face.

On Saturday 1st April from 12h to 17h – Avenue de Sécheron 15, 1202 Geneva. Free entry.


NB: A thesis defence will be presented at 10h, accessible to the audience, about this subject:

Paradox concerning the engagement of soldiers under contract in French Army

Presented by Captain Vassishtasaï RAMANY BALA POUBADY and defended behind the following board:

  • Mr Jean-Marie Peretti, University Professor, ESEC-Paris, IAE-France, President
  • Mr Pierre-Michel AUER, Engineer, MG Colonel, Assessor
  • Mr Jean-Philippe JEHL, Associate Professor of University, Université de Lorraine, Recorder
  • Mr Eric NICOD, Colonel (e.r.), IMSG, Recorder
  • Mr Richard DELAYE-HABERMACHER, HDR Doctor, IMSG Commandant CESA (r.o.), Thesis Director