On Tuesday 15th March 2017, IMSG’s students have had the privilege to visit Geneva’s casino with the CEO, Mr Fabrizio BAROZZI. After a pleasant presentation of his institution, he raised awareness among the students about the social liability of Casinos, the struggle against addiction and the cantonal and federal regulations they are subject to.

Because this visit have, first of all, an educational aim, IMSG’s students must have prepared a group research work beforehand the visit and present it to Mr BAROZZI. So then, they must respond to the following issue: Which space have gambling in our societies?

In the second part of the day, professional croupiers initiated then into roulette and black jack games.

The entire International Management School of Geneva’ team would like to express his gratitude to the Casino’s members and to Mr BAROZZI for his kindness and availability.

Photos on this link