As part of its peripheral and cultural activities, the IMSG set up until May 2019, a device for learning ballroom dancing. The latter represents many benefits for those who practice it (maintain physical fitness, encourage new encounters, maintain an old tradition …).

Dancing strengthens social bonds. In the past, folk dance allowed one to feel and express one’s belonging to a community; the regular gatherings operated as a “social therapy” that allowed everyone to shed all the accumulated tensions while consolidating the bonds of the group.
The dance group both stimulates, protects and reassures, it supports while inviting everyone to individualize.

Ballroom dancing responds in its own way to the need for movement of people less and less constrained to physical activities. Even better than the current practice of a sport, it improves self-awareness and psychomotor coordination. It develops sensitivity and intelligence, respect for others, love of elegance and beauty.

The IMSG inaugurated with students and partners its first course on Thursday, January 10 in the rhythm room of the Ecole de Sécheron.

We would like to thank the City of Geneva for its trust, as well as Julien Grisel from the ZOU dance school to share his passion and know-how.

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