The International Management School Geneva, anxious to meet the societal and economic challenges of the City of Calvin, held on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 its first Governance Committee in the presence of many local players, who joined Roselyne and Richard Delaye- Habermacher in their reflection “2030 skills”:

  • Mr Pierre-Michel and Mr. Guillaume Auer, respectively industrialist and president of Alumni
  • Mr Murat Alder, Lawyer and Member of Parliament
  • Mr Fabrizio Barozzi, CEO of Casino du Lac
  • Mr Thierry Dime, journalist and editorial director of the “Economic World”
  • Dr. Laurent Farinelli, CEO of Fasteris
  • Mr Thibault Gallineau, teacher in value creation
  • Mrs Magali Orsini, former deputy and accountant
  • Mr Jacques-François Perrenoud, in charge of the IMSG school-business relationship

Yann Vaucher, support and training specialist, also joined the exchange.

Indeed, if 85% of the 2030 trades do not yet exist according to the report of Dell and the Californian think tank Institute for The Future, preparing students for the new opportunities that will be offered to them in the coming years remains the unavoidable challenge education.

Other themes related to the IMSG’s own strategy were discussed and submitted to the members of the Governance Committee, which will meet again in March 2020.