Tuesday, January 10, 2017, the IMSG students had the opportunity to attend a conference given by Pierre Maudet, State Counsellor of the Canton of Geneva, in charge of the Department of Security, Economy and Information.

During this event, the members of the Business Leaders Circles (Cercle des Dirigeants d’Entreprises) were able to exchange on various political and economical projects. Thus, Pierre Maudet was able to gather important information elements, allowing him to consider adjustments for his future projects, particularly regarding the last economic reform RIE III whose main measures are the following:

  • A single effective profit tax 13.49% rate against 24.2% today
  • Patent box (privileged taxation of incomes from intellectual property)
  • “Super-deduction” for research & development investments (up to 150% of R&D expenses)
  • Total allocation of profit tax to capital tax (in fact, a company will no longer pay capital tax if it pays a higher income tax)
  • A temporary additional share of profit tax of 0.3%
  • An additional payroll tax of 0.22%

Pierre Maudet also dealt with the different news topics in which he is directly involved, whether on the security and immigration policy following the many attacks that have affected Europe those months, but also on the issue of the Geneva airport, “jewel of the city”, which will face 250 million visitors annually by 2020 (compared to 150 million today).

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