On Thursday, 15th March 2018 at the “Geneva Company Leaders Circle”, the IMSG students had the privilege to meet Mr. Luc Barthassat, State Councillor in charge of the Department of Environment, Transport and Agriculture (DETA) for Geneva’s Canton.

Mr. Barthassat talked about the various issues related to Geneva’s urban transport, including the creation of a traffic control centre that is for now non-existent and yet of vital importance to coordinate information between the police, fire, rescue services and public transport structures such as TPG. He also discussed the merger between the departments of environment and agriculture which he is behind, as well as the action plan submitted to the State Council this year for the crossing of the Lake, which could be achieved with the construction of a bridge or a tunnel by 2030. His department is currently working on developing a system to accommodate residents in their employment area to limit traffic.

Finally, Mr Barthassat mentioned the creation of a bioactive waste disposal facility in Satigny, which unfortunately cannot be developed on the Swiss territory because of federal laws.Thus, the only solution is to dig a pit with a layer of limestone to minimize pollution.