The International Management School Geneva Student Association (IMSG) and Handicap International Switzerland have signed a partnership agreement for the year 2018. A solidarity action over time to raise awareness about disabled and vulnerable people around the world. 

The Student Association will donate 25% of the profits generated by its activity throughout the year to Handicap International Switzerland. Several events are planned: sports events, charity parties, cake sales, etc.

“IMSG students are honoured to be able to contribute to the development of this international solidarity association,” said Baptiste Bellon, president of the IMSG students association.

Handicap International has been working for nearly 35 years in nearly 60 countries alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations to meet their basic needs: to improve their living conditions and to promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. Outraged at this injustice, the association aspires to a world of solidarity and inclusiveness, where all the differences enrich one another and where everyone can live fully.

The IMSG is a Business School integrated Geneva’s business market. Its mission is to make pragmatic teaching by providing students with a solution-oriented methodology that represents a great source of value for organizations which will integrate these young managers. It is by actively participating in the development and promotion of social and humanitarian actions that it student association decided to serve the city of Calvin.

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