The 2016 FNEGEJ-M Peretti investigation (France) measuring the impact of the research in management places Jean-Marie Peretti, among the most influential authors.

1557 managers from higher education institutions responded to the investigation. The results were presented at the States General of management, in Toulouse, on 26 May 2016. The survey is structured around three main themes :

• What are the authors and knowledge that managers regard as useful for their practice?

• Are they informed about management research?

• How and what do they think?

Jean-Marie Peretti, figure in the ranking of 50 living authors considered the most influential management in the world, according to citation frequency. It is one of three professors and expert in French and Management Science ranked in 23rd position happens in the world.

Pr. Peretti is a member of our scientific council and visiting professor within International Management School Geneva.