MP Expert is a company specialized in the creation of customised flavouring solutions. After its research and development state for his new range “Youthdrink” (5 jellies and 5 energy drinks which are bio, natural, sugar free and without synthetic chemicals), MP Expert enters in the product commercialisation phase in the whole Swiss territory.

Arnaud Roth, MP Expert’s sales manager, will raise awareness among you about the stakes of setting a new product going on the market (R&D, qualifications, selection of suppliers and distributors, supplier chain, marketing…) and international commercialization.

Then, you will be offered a consumer test of the range Youthdrink in order to collect your opinions and feelings about the taste. And finally, in the form of work shop, working groups will be established to think about a new headline, create a questionnaire on customer satisfaction and find development ideas (social network, events…) with the aim to create a real community of customers.

Wednesday, 26th April from 9 AM to 4:30 PM at International Management School Geneva, Campus Biotech Innovation Park, Avenue de Sécheron 15, 1202 Geneva.

To participate: