IMSG Summer Party at the “Village du Soir” !

//IMSG Summer Party at the “Village du Soir” !

IMSG Summer Party at the “Village du Soir” !

As part of their Event Management project, IMSG’s Bachelor and Master students organized an afterwork on Friday 21 July at the Tropical Garden area of the Village du Soir.

This event was an opportunity to celebrate the end of the academic year and bring partners, teachers, students and alumni of the school together.

To view photos of the event, click here

The organizing team thanks all the sponsors, without whom the organization of this event would not have been possible !

Abilis Partners Athéna Casino du Lac Fabeco SA Franck Vidal, Agitateur d'entreprises Print Riviera Sparkle PR Village du Soir                            switchON                    Logo Sushitime                 Safram SA

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