25% of collaborators on the employment market will soon derive from the generation Y, 20-30 aged who grew up with new technologies and their own values. Then, will follow the generation Z, those of youth apprentice.

How to proceed to make this part of the working population work with older employees? As manager, how to make the best of this diversity favouring the reunification and the collaboration between persons whom don’t think in the same way?

This meeting will be held by Dr Richard DELAYE, research and innovation manager of IGS Group (French leader in private higher education) and dean of a professional university in Africa whose he is one of the co-founder. Strong advocate of Francophonie and its associated values, his professional activities are aimed to set up innovating education measures which purpose is to develop qualified persons in Africa, China, Switzerland and France. Writer of many publications and articles, his line of research is based on intergenerational links as well as on questions linked with sacred, sensitive and symbolic in organisations.

You can find here his last article: Which perception have generation Y about management by seniors?

Upstream from this meeting, M. Edouard HAEGI, management student and founder of Halka Geneva, will present his company specialized in audiovisual production.

On Tuesday 28 March at 18h – Campus Biotech Innovation Park, Avenue de Sécheron 15 – 1202 Geneva

For registration: info@cupesihu.myhostpoint.ch