After having signed a Memorandum of Understanding earlier this year, AAB College and International Management School Geneva have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of offering a double diploma/cursus at Master level.

Candidates for the double / complementary diploma program must be graduate students at AAB College at the Master’s level and then continue their studies to obtain the additional diploma from IMS Geneva. The study programs offered by IMS Geneva are in the field of management and economics. The agreement was signed by Prof. Ass. Dr. Venera Llunji, Pro-Rector for External Relations and Cooperation at AAB College and Mr. Philippe Grosskost, Dean of IMS Education acting on behalf of IMS Geneva. The program implementation will be modular. The first candidates will start with the Digital Marketing module, followed by other modules.


AAB College is the first non-public institution of higher education in Kosovo. AAB College was established after the war in Kosovo when new socio-economic and cultural circumstances appeared for Kosovo citizens by breaking so the settings of a long monopoly of education in the country. As a private institution AAB College offers a genuine example of the promotion of institutional autonomy and academic freedom in teaching and research within the institution. AAB College is the biggest investment in Kosovo in the field of education. Since 2010 AAB College is a regular member of the Magna Charta Universitatum, thereby ensuring recognition of university values and expanding opportunities for building strong cooperation relations with the more than 750 universities that have signed this document.

During the last years, AAB College has been focused on strengthening relationships with universities of the region and Europe as well as in expanding its research capacity by providing a strong foundation for the opening of doctoral studies. AAB signed more than 80 cooperation agreements with different educational and non-educational institutions within the country and abroad. These cooperation agreements envisage the development of higher education, scientific research, mobility and implementation of internship work in local institutions and organizations.