Creative Week ! What else ?

This week we offered our students a very inspiring theme: “Creativity is one of the keys to becoming a quality businessman”. The art of the table, the elegance of the modern businessman, the gallantry, expression and many other topics were discussed during their days, all online and with a fun pedagogy adapted to the current

Because every year nearly one in ten students decides to reorient themselves in their studies after the first semester, the IMSG has set up a staggered start. Bachelor 1st & 2nd year: Monday February 1st 2021 3rd year Bachelor & MBA: Wednesday March 10 2021 Bachelor and Master programs with Augmented Paths in Finance &

« Respect » ! Voici le mot d’ordre paradoxal d’une époque permissive. Cet ouvrage, co-écrit par le Prof. Dr Richard Delaye-Habermacher, directeur pédagogique de l’International Management School Geneva, invite à son sommaire un parterre de personnalités scientifiques qui expliquent ce que devient le respect, à une époque où cette notion et cette valeur sont tout

On Thursday, November 19, 2020, the Concours de la Meilleure Idée was held as part of the Semaine Mondiale de l’Entrepreneuriat 2020. On this occasion, Luca Cerato, MBA student at the International Management School Geneva, was ranked winner n ° 3 with his project “Plastics2Plastics”! His mission ? Make PET plastic compost to obtain simple

Swiss Marketing est l’association professionnelle et faîtière des spécialistes en marketing. Les connaissances de 3000 spécialistes et cadres dirigeants issus de divers secteurs y sont réunies. Swiss Marketing organise les examens professionnels et supérieurs dans le domaine du marketing et de la vente. Composée de 25 clubs régionaux, l’association contribue au transfert des expériences et

Jobeo is the first job site in French-speaking Switzerland to integrate artificial intelligence into recruitment processes. Candidates can forget about keyword research: the offers come directly to them! With the mission of continuously developing the employability of its students, the IMSG has chosen to collaborate with Jobeo with the aim of facilitating their job search

Due to the notable increase in unemployment in Switzerland since March 2020, the Federal Department of the Economy, Training and Research (DEFR) has decided to increase the number of occupations subject to the notification obligation in ORPs. The occupations concerned are those having reached or exceeded the threshold value of 5% unemployment rate. Newly affected

Following the success of its first two editions and in order to help companies prepare for the post-crisis period, the IMSG is organizing on Friday December 11 from 8:30 to 10 a 100% online Recruitment Morning! Our students will take turns presenting themselves to recruiters eager to meet the profiles that correspond to their needs.

Aware of the need to process information with discernment and to offer an innovative educational lever to its students during the Covid-19 period, the school administration has decided to organize its courses around the creation of documentaries produced by the students. themselves. Thus, the latter are made aware of the process of creating value through

Le Vendredi 20 novembre 2020, l’IMSG et la RANEPA (Académie russe de l’économie nationale et du service public auprès du On Friday, November 20, 2020, IMSG and RANEPA (Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation), through its Graduate School of Corporate Management component, signed a new agreement

As part of the Geneva-based Global Entrepreneurship Week, Prof.Dr. Richard Delaye-Habermacher, IMSG Academic Dean, hosted an e-workshop on Wednesday November 18th on the following subject: The personality traits of the intra / entrepreneur. Are we born or become intra / entrepreneurs? Are there any common traits? Is personality enough to make an entrepreneur? What characteristics

The recent rules decreed by the Confederation have tightened as well as the containment measures introduced in neighboring France. But this will not have had any impact on the educational continuity of the IMSG. In fact, a decision was taken, as of November 2, to ensure all prices via zoom ®. To manage is to

On Tuesday November 3, 2020, the Servette Rugby Club team visited the IMSG educational team to present the club’s new objectives and discuss the evolution of the partnership between the two structures. A presentation of the official team jersey followed. Aware of the closeness of their shared values, IMSG and Servette RC set up in

A body promoting professional skills in the field of business management, the FEP organizes examinations with a view to obtaining a certificate or a higher diploma. On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the IMSG obtained accreditation from the FEP allowing it to provide preparatory courses for the examination of the “Brevte Fédéral de Spécialiste en Gestion

Entrepreneurship Week is a global event that brings together nearly 160 countries each year in November around the theme of starting a business. The Global Entrepreneurship Week aims to arouse entrepreneurial vocations and to bring together at the global level, once a year, all the scattered initiatives in terms of advice and encouragement for business