Master of Science in Marketing & Digital Communication


The Master in Marketing & Digital Communication is aiming to prepare graduates from any discipline to manage the methods and techniques of both traditional and digital media in an industry currently undergoing a continuous revolution. Through the expansion of mobile devices every day, more and more people around the world connect across social media: Twitter has 320 million active monthly users, Instagram 400 million, Google+ 540 millions, YouTube 1 billion and Facebook 1.6 billion. What we are witnessing is more than a technological revolution; it is a deep socio-cultural transformation. Companies the world over are constantly increasing the amount they invest in their online advertising channels to improve their relationship with the consumers and the business community. You will learn how to use these new media efficiently and how to balance your marketing & digital communication investments.


Our MSc is delivered over 18 months (3 semesters) and the rhythm is organized in such a way that our students can work Part-Time, which paves the way for their employment. Our Career & Development Department offers Career & Outplacement services for our students.


At the end of the MSc, the student will have to defend a Thesis which will carry on one of the subjects studied during the programme’s Major.

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Create Value by Managing Yourself

  • Self as Entreprise
  • Develop Your Leadership
  • Manage your Health
  • Develop your Strategic Vision
  • Strengthen your Overall Negociation Capacity
  • Acquire a Decision-Making Skill
  • Develop your Professional Skills in Real Situations

Create Value by Optimising your Organization

  • Skills & Talent Management
  • New Forms of Work Organization
  • Organizational Audit
  • New Forms of Human Resources
  • Change Management
  • Artificial Intelligence & Organization Impacts
  • Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis
  • Cyber-Risk & Cyber-Performance
  • Legal Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (LGRC)
  • Fraud & Corruption
  • Total Quality Management
  • Innovation & Prospective
  • Value & Thinking Design

Create Value by Developing your Market

  • CRM & Consumer Value
  • New Forms of Trade & Prospective
  • Quality Services & Value
  • Outstanding & Value Proposition
  • Institutions & Crisis Communication
  • Strategic Communication
  • Storytelling Value in Business
  • Sensorial & Ethno-Marketing
  • International Sales & Global Marketing
  • Gantt Project
  • Sphinx
  • Excel Expert

Create Value with your Dissertation

  • Methodology & Dissertation
  • Dissertation Defense

Marketing & Digital Communication Major

  • WordPress
  • Kick-off & Prototyping
  • Writing Online, Communicate & Sale
  • Optimize Conversions
  • Optimize Campaign
  • Mautic
  • Harvard Certificate