Doctor in nuclear metallurgy, André-Yves Portnoff created and directed (1977-1992) the only francophone monthly Prospective Technological Studies, Science & Technology. He is the co-author of the first French report (The Revolution of Intelligence) on the Company and the intangible economy. He developed Futuribles and large enterprises, a method for evaluating organizations by intangible factors, which particularly applies to the management of innovation, the digital transition and the risk of disintermediation, but also to the development of territories. It analyzes the relationship between economy, culture, values, mental models, based on the analysis of many current and historical cases.

Scientific Advisor International Futuribles (Paris), he is author of numerous books and reports on the impact of digital (on crafts, cultural tourism …), nanotechnologies, biotechnologies.
French-Italian bilingual, he is particularly concerned in companies development and reindustrialisation of Europe.

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