Master students of the International Management School Geneva have followed a workshop of intercultural management with Pr. Annie Cornet on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of April. Annie Cornet has been a full professor in HEC-ULg, the business school of the University of Liège, since 1999. She has a PhD in management, a Research Master’s in

  International Management School Geneva students and professors have run the Handicap International «race for gift», a charity running event near the lake of Geneva on May 29th, 2016. By running 10 km  and collecting money, our students have supported Handicap International actions. Beyond our Bachelor & Master programs in International Affairs & NGOS, this reflects our commitment to taking an active

Prof.Dr. Jean-Marie PERETTI (visitant)

Jean-Marie Peretti is a French organizational theorist, Professor at the ESSEC business school and in University of Corsica, management consultant and author, known for his work on human resources management. Graduated from ESSEC in 1967, he received his PhD in Management at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris in 1969. After his graduation Peretti has been working as management

Mr. Bernard RADON

Bernard Radon, professor of management and human resources, created the company “Coaching Systems” in 1994. He quickly specialized in the development of leaders. He was previously responsible for the logistics of production at Terraillon (France), person in charge of the sector “Control of process” at Hewlett-Packard (Switzerland) and director of the market CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)


Le processus de sélection de l’IMSG repose sur la détection des capacités du candidat. Si les forces et faiblesses doivent être identifiées chez ce dernier, le parcours à envisager pour parvenir à son objectif est un impératif. C’est pourquoi une série de tests est également nécessaire pour cerner le profil, les zones d’évitement et les ambitions

The choice of this DBA

The choice of this EDBA has become to me very obvious. Not only for strengthen my skills and knowledge , but also to explore new fields and be better, able to meet the requirements of universe changing of the magazines.

M° Christian PIRKER

Professor of negociation, lawyer & holding a diploma of the prestigious Art School of the Louvres Museum in Paris. He also created an incumbator in Geneva. His LinkedIn

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Dr. Hubert LANDIER

Social Relationship teacher and graduated of a PHD degree, Hubert LANDIER is a consultant in many companies on social topics, social relations and social risk. He is also the Current vice président of the international institute of social audit. LinkedIn


Yves Enrègle is Professor of Strategy and also a psychanalyst. He studied at ESSEC Business School and holds a DBA from Harvard. He’s the co-founder of France largest groups of Secondary Schools, and President of Propedia, a research lab in Human Resources.  

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