Pr. Alain Max GUÉNETTE

2019-04-16T13:01:49+02:0027 June, 2017|

Alain Max Guénette, initially trained in management, then philosophy and human and social sciences, is a professor at the Arc School of management (HES-SO) and an associate researcher at the Center for Scientific Management of the École des Mines ParisTech. His research concern wellness and diversity at work. LinkedIn

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Mrs. Dorra ANNE

2019-04-16T13:01:45+02:0019 June, 2017|

After a Bachelor of Business Administration at Neoma Business School and then a Master at Skema Business School, Dorra ANNE becomes an international sales associate for an event agency in London. Then, she joined SAGEMCOM as a commercial engineer and then SFR Business team Distributor 5sur5 for major accounts. Then she became Key Account Manager BtoB Telecom [...]

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2019-04-16T13:01:25+02:0020 February, 2017|

Hervé Crausaz graduated from the University of Geneva in 1994 and qualified in 1996 in Geneva and in 1999 in Vaud. He founded the Firm Schwab Flaherty Hassberger & Crausaz in 2002 and joined Chabrier Avocats SA in 2007 as partner. He graduated from the Lausanne University in 2009 (LL.M in International and Commercial Law). Hervé is a [...]

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Prof-Dr. Richard DELAYE

2019-04-16T13:01:03+02:0028 November, 2016|

Richard Delaye is a Doctor of Management Sciences (dir. Prof. Peretti), HDR in Humanities and Social Sciences (Dir. Prof. Lardellier), MBA of Reims Management School (NEOMA Business School) AGRH). He has always sought to set up innovative management training schemes aimed at developing talents in Africa, China, Switzerland and France, while continuing his work of writing about [...]

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2019-04-16T13:01:00+02:0028 November, 2016|

M. Tioulong est intervenant en Logistique intégrée, Risk Management et Security & Safety Management à l'IMSG. Après avoir obtenu un DUT Gestion Logistique et Transport à l'IUT d'Evry, il trouve un poste d'assistant logisitique à AEROLYON (compagnie aérienne), puis de coordinateur logistique chez CATAIR (Newrest). En 2001, il intègre EXACOD (prestataire de gestion logistique) en tant [...]

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Col. Eric NICOD

2019-04-16T13:00:59+02:0022 November, 2016|

Colonel Eric NICOD spent a career as an officer in the French Air Force before performing various teaching duties, notably within Institutes of Political Studies from 2011 onwards. As an officer, he held various positions of responsibility in various fields and in diplomatic and operational contexts, which gave him the opportunity to make numerous visits abroad, [...]

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Mr. Franck VIDAL

2019-04-16T13:00:48+02:0018 October, 2016|

Franck Vidal is an entrepreneur (Manager, Technical, Sales and Environment). Coming from a Swiss-French family of entrepreneurs (Asuel JU) specialized in hydraulic drilling, he discovered the world during his childhood in Africa. Ivory Cost, Senegal, enabled him to forge a personality attentive to cultural differences. He pursued in France his graduate studies in R & D on Lasers. [...]

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Mr. Serge VIDAL

2019-04-16T13:00:47+02:0018 October, 2016|

Serge VIDAL is a specialist in substantial, international projects, where a complex solution must be built from scratch, taking into account various drivers: costs, performances, risks, operational constraints, local specificity... Such multifaceted projects require a good understanding of many issues : commercial and technical, but also financial, legal, regulatory, logistical, cultural, and even diplomatic affairs. With dual [...]

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