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    Mr. Franck VIDAL

    Franck Vidal is an entrepreneur (Manager, Technical, Sales and Environment). Coming from a Swiss-French family of entrepreneurs (Asuel JU) specialized in hydraulic drilling, he discovered the

    Dr. André-Yves PORTNOFF

    Doctor in nuclear metallurgy, André-Yves Portnoff created and directed (1977-1992) the only francophone monthly Prospective Technological Studies, Science & Technology. He is the co-author

    Dr. Thierry WEBER

    With a doctor’s initial training, Thierry Weber occupied numerous marketing positions for big pharmaceutical companies. He is the Founder and CEO of BREEW and

    Dr. Thierry FABIANI

    Thierry Fabiani has a doctorate in sciences of management and more particularly in marketing with an original subject “The determiners of the eating habits of

    Mr. Gérard LEMARIÉ

    Teacher of public speaking, Gérard Lemarié is also a philosopher, a speaker and a coach in personal development. BACK 

    Dr. Julien INTARTAGLIA

    Professor of Advertising & Marketing, Dr Intartaglia works on Neurosciences & Persuasion Techniques in Sales and Advertising. He does research in Information & Management Institute of

    Dr. Arnaud DELANNOY

    Professor of marketing, Dr Arnaud DELANNOY specializes in Luxury and Branding. He teaches in numerous universities and business schools, and has a strong experience in

    Dr. Mariana ALBA

    Dr. Mariana Alba, a communications, public relations, advertising, and corporate social responsibility and ethics scholar, was educated in Buenos Aires and Madrid. She was a public

    Mrs. Nathalie ROBERT

    Digital Marketing & CRM teacher, Nathalie Robert has worked in the private sector in Hong Kong, Paris & Singapore. She holds a Master’s in Marketing

    Mrs. Pascale BOSSON

    Public relations teacher, Pascale BOSSON is the founder of a swiss public relation agency. She organizes many event and help famous people in their