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Olivier GUÉRET

2017-12-21T11:08:42+00:00 19 December, 2017|

Business development manager of a company specialized in facility management, I was looking for a Business School allowing me to acquire knowledge and a consistent practice in my position. IMSG teaches me the management basis and instills values ​​and skills that will help my career run smoothly.

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Baptiste BELLON

2017-12-21T11:04:17+00:00 19 December, 2017|

The interaction between the school and the employer is the main reason I joined the International Management School Geneva. Alternating classes and working with an employer, allows you to gain significant professional experience thus facilitating your entry into the job market.

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2017-12-21T11:13:52+00:00 18 December, 2017|

I joined the IMSG to increase my business and management field knowledge and thus achieve my goal to become an independent entrepreneur. I am very satisfied with the diversity of the educational program and happy to be able to participate in events organized by the school, which allows us to meet influential personalities from the Geneva area.

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2017-12-21T11:09:41+00:00 18 December, 2017|

The IMSG offers a program adapted to today's world, insuring reflection, culture and initiatives. I appreciate this school being close to the business world and therefore the opportunity it offers to practice our skills, but also to identify our gaps. As for the general atmosphere, the students’ diversity is, in my opinion, the great strength of this school.

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An exceptional evening at the Company Leaders Circle

2018-01-16T10:13:48+00:00 18 December, 2017|

On Tuesday, 12th December 2017, the International Management School Geneva’s students attended an event they will remember! The architect Christophe Pidoux president of The BIG Foundation and his vice-president, the Geneva promoter Olivier Plan, presented their foundation which offers lines of reflection and actions to local problems. Then the talented Maestro Fabrizio von Arx enchanted the [...]

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Arthur MEDJO

2017-12-21T11:04:50+00:00 18 December, 2017|

I came to IMSG to specialize in finance and trading while learning basic skills in other areas such as marketing, international business and accounting. I was convinced by the quality of the modules taught and the possibility of developing our network through the school.

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