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  • Month: September 2017

    Mrs. Séverine BERGEROT

    Séverine Bergerot teaches the Finance Data Mining to IMSG’ Master students. After having validated a Master of Science in Management at ESSEC Business School,

    Mr. Vincent TISSIER

    Vincent Tissier teaches the Quality Management to students of the International Management School Geneva. With more than 20 years experience in strategic and operational

    Mr. Bertrand AUDRIN

    Since June 2014, Bertrand Audrin holds a bachelor’s degree in Letters from the University of Lausanne and a Master’s degree in Business Communication from

    Mrs. Emmanuelle DELLUS

    Emmanuelle Dellus is a professor of strategic marketing at the IMSG. After obtaining a Master’s degree at the Business School in Tours, she joined Orange

    Manager entre fidélisation et incompréhension

    L’herbe est plus verte ailleurs… Constatation facile, la cause principale du départ d’un collaborateur est son chef: existent-ils d’autres causes possibles ? En particuliers, ne

    Pourquoi le tabac rend-il les jeunes « accros » ? Le marketing à l’épreuve des rites et symboles – Un article du Prof. Dr. Richard Delaye

    Le tabac est bien plus qu’un bien de consommation, il peut même nous apprendre beaucoup sur nos sociétés occidentales, auxquelles il est intimement lié.

    Mr. Robert FAESSLER

    Robert Faessler has worked and leaded in the fields of luxury and watchmaking, in different companies at international level with collaborators from all walks

    Mr. David DELFINI

    After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Finance at the University of Toronto, David Delfini received an MBA from SDA Bocconi. In 2009,

    Mr. Philip CLARK

    Philip Clark led the innovation for Global Services and Solutions at Orange Business Services. Since the early 1990s, he has spent his time between

    The new academic year is approaching !

    The new academic year is approaching! The Biotech Campus, a center of excellence and research where “intelligent minds meet”, will once again welcome students of