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  • Month: April 2017

    « Haut-potentiels », ces enfants qui souffrent dans les salles de cours – Dr. Richard Delaye

    Comme nous le rappelions avec Patrice Adam dans l’ouvrage Tous talentueux : « La gestion des “jeunes talentueux”, enfants intellectuellement précoces selon la terminologie française, doit

    Social Innovation & Circular Economy Management Chair

    To help non-profit organisations to optimize their impact on fields in social justice and human rights by training future collaborators responsible and aware about

    Innovation Day: Launch of a New Product on the Market (Youthdrink Case)

    MP Expert is a company specialized in the creation of customised flavouring solutions. After its research and development state for his new range “Youthdrink”

    A New Article from Dr. André-Yves Portnoff, Visiting Professor at the IMSG

    “Save the French Zuckerberg!” According to the economic forecaster André-Yves Portnoff, the French economic framework suffers over and over from the preference for large

    Work Productivity in Decline: Which are the Links with the Labour Market Transformations?

    The Center of Employment and Labour Studies just published the Number 135 of Connaissance de l’emploi (“Knowledge of employment”): “Work productivity in decline: which

    Franck Vidal’s Conference Cycle: How To Sell?

    As part of the Wednesdays of selling, Franck Vidal, teacher of persuasion methods at IMSG, companies agitator and creator of analytic selling, will organize

    RANEPA International Summer Campus

    As part of his partnership with the Russian Presidential Academy (RANEPA), IMSG’s students will have the opportunity to participate to a Summer program from