7 and May 8, 2016 : Unicef Marathon !

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Marathon Unicef Geneva on 7 and 8 May 2016, In order to create a good relation between students and encourage a healthy way of studying, students can participate and run the Unicef Geneva Marathon. IMSG wants to encourage them and wish them a great success.

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Bachelor’s Degree

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  The Bachelor programs of the International Management School in Geneva is preparing three years post Maturity . At the end of the training, students receive ( subject to having met the exams) : Bachelor of Science with a major in Finance, in Marketing/Communication, or in International Affairs & NGOs. The purpose of these programs is [...]

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Dr. Shiwei WU

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Shiwei Wu is an expert in China-Europe exchanges and business, which he is teaching in French or Cantonese. He is working on bridging the educational gaps between Europe & China and helps educational partners to create profitable exchanges. He is also a lobbyist who understands the multicultural aspects of the Chinese and numerous European cultures. LinkedIn

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Mrs. Frederique PROTIN

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Professor of International Law, Frédérique Protin also works for Grant Management, a Geneva based NGO that fights against epidemiological risks across the world. Strong focus on asset and export finance. Experience in corporate law and M&A. Exposure to private equity transactions. Specialties : Asset and project Finance, Export Finance, Real Estate Finance, Acquisition Finance. LinkedIn

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Dr. Patrick NAEF

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Patrick Naef holds a PhD in cultural geography from the University of Geneva. He was previously a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. His main areas of research are around memory and violence. His research in Eastern Europe, South America and South-East Asia has led him to examine notions such as identity, tourism, [...]

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Mr. Laurent BIOUSSE

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Laurent started his career in 1993 at Coutts bank in the UK and moved to Geneva in 1997 to join the bank’s portfolio management team. He left in 1999 to set up Geneva Asset and Wealth Management SA, an independent asset management company based in Geneva, which he later sold to his partner. In 2011 Laurent [...]

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Mr. Patrick THILL

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Junior Lecturer in Ireland (University College of Galway), Patrick THILL led a group of Business Schools (Weller) for 9 years, and then became HR Director of Lybertysurf-Tiscali & Dell Southern Europe. He then led a French private group of schools in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Dublin, Shanghai & Casablanca. Today, he helps & tutors start-ups within the Educational sector. LinkedIn

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Mr. Gilles-Emmanuel JACQUET

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Gilles-Emmanuel Jacquet holds Master degrees in Political Science from the University of Geneva and in European Studies from the European Institute of the University of Geneva. Mr. Jacquet specializes in History, International Relations and Geopolitics. His research includes: armed conflicts, terrorism, religious and political radicalism, ethnolinguistic and cultural issues as well as the treatment of religious and ethnic minorities. LinkedIn

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Professor of Advertising & Marketing, Dr Intartaglia works on Neurosciences & Persuasion Techniques in Sales and Advertising. He does research in Information & Management Institute of HEG Arc (Switzerland). He has published numerous books and articles on Advertisement & Persuasion Techniques. He also works as a consultant for private companies. LinkedIn

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